is my ebay gucci fake or authentic

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Dec 17, 2006
this is my first time posting one of these so i will do my best to provide all the info I can...I bought this bag on ebay from eluxshoppe-they had 100% positive feedback and I paid just under $300.00...can you tell me if it's real or fake?

here's the link:
eBay: GUCCI 85th Limited Edition Leather Handbag AUTHENTIC (item 330057240324 end time Dec-05-06 10:29:45 PST)

item # 330057240324

serial # on inside tag:163290 first line
001998 sencond line

there was gucci plastic on all the metal

controllo card has: 1234567890 on it

feels like nice leather

thanks Esther

post this thread in the authenticate this section - but for the price, chances are it's not this tag above is really buggin' me ~ it's NOT even centered!!!
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