is my dooney & bourke purse real

  1. I bought a new dooney and bourke purse on eBay. I now wonder if it is real? How do you tell for sure if it is real or not? I don't know much about the line and now wonder if I should have just bought one from QVC instead of eBay:s
  2. Can you post a pic?
  3. sorry it took so long i am not good with pics. just click on view more and you won't have to register.
  4. Not enough detail to check. Looks like an All Weather Leather purse but colors are not very clear. Does it have a tag inside of the bag with "Dooney&Bourke" on it in red and blue?
  5. It looks okay to me from a distance. I would be very careful from buying on eBay, there are many fake Dooneys out there. QVC does have very nice Dooneys and great prices.
  6. No. that is what has me suspicious. It has no tag like the pics of the other D & B purses that were posted on ebay. There is not even anywhere inside where it looks like a tag used to be. I think some of the older ones might have not had tags but it is looking like I might have bought a fake.
  7. the only thing i know for sure is that dooney often puts a name on the clasp. If you look at pretty much all their bags... if there is enough space, they will put dooney and bourke. That is the only thing that has me thinking twice
  8. Hard to tell from that one pic. If it makes you feel any better, though, I have a Dooney Sherpa AWL backpack I got straight from D&B about 8 years ago (I won a drawing on their website--"Pick anything in stock you want!"--OMG it was like going straight to heaven!), and there's no tag in it precisely because they didn't want the contest winners to turn right around and sell the bag.