Is my collection okay?

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  1. I'm trying to keep the collection at around 12-15 pairs, so I want to make sure I have a versatile bunch. Once I get all of my orders, my collection will include:

    black patent/cork Bruges (I have 2 pairs of
    black ribbon Espadrilles
    red patent Simples (100mm)
    leopard Peanuts
    gold Ballets
    black Declics (the lower ones)
    nude patent NPs
    nude patent Simples (70mm)
    black suede VPs
    brown City Girls
    nude patent VPs

    I have to try to be good for a while (especially since I have 4 Chanel bags on my wishlist...and we all know those aren't I've sold several CLs recently, returned a couple, and canceled some preorders. And the above list is what I'm left with. my collection okay...and if I get another pair or two, what should I add? (I love Rolandos, but can't wear them.) TIA for your opinions. :heart:
  2. Wow sweet collection! I would love to see a family shot of the ones you have already.
    It looks like you already have all the basics covered, lots of good neutrals with the black and nudes. How about adding some more colors. Do you wear your red patent simples often? If so, then try getting some other fun colors, I think that the simple pump is perfect shoe to experiment with a bright color.

    4 Chanel bags!?! Where did you find that money tree?
  3. I'll def post pics of the collection. I will do it on Tuesday, because that's when the black declics will be delivered! :yahoo: I think you are right, Kam. Someone said something about turquoise patent simples and grey patent simples???? Both sound so pretty!!!

    LOL re: Chanel. I want a gold reissue, black caviar jumbo (which I had but sold...stupid!), black caviar GST with gold hardware, and a brown medallion tote. Is that so much to ask for?! LMBO!!!
  4. Hmmmmm I love all your "nudes" these are great for summer, I am not that much into color what shoes are concerned (apart deep wine etc...) personally I would add an "eyecatcher: color if that's what you like or some python (I just love these) or the Karey or turtle patent with gold tip etc..
  5. You might want to add a strictly fun shoe, something that catches your eye either because of color/material/style etc. Definitely infuse a little color, it doesn't have to be bright just something that stands out because of it's color. You can't go wrong with a python if you like that type of shoe! I would love to see a pic too.
  6. I had gorgeous python simples, but sold them because they were too big. Maybe I'll call around and see if I can find my size. What about the blue suede declics that Barneys has? I'll see if my black ones fit first and then maybe I'll go for those. Does anyone know if their height is the same as the black ones on Neiman's?
  7. I'm kinda excited about the nude patent simples in 70mm. At first I was thinking they'd be way too low, but now I'm thinking they will be really a sort of retro way. No?
  8. I :heart: blue suede declics. I believe that Barneys still has them available in your size, I saw them just the other day in NY. Barneys has the 100mm, which I believe is the same as the ones from Neimans.
    The black are nice BUT the blue suede is :drool:
    That is a great idea for your next pair. Would you consider the 130mm blue suede declics? Those are tdf too but not very practical because of the heel.
  9. Will you share where you found them? I have not seen nude patent simples in 70mm yet.
  10. OMG, I completely forgot I have a SA looking for a pair of gold glitter NPs for me. I really hope she finds them. Anyone see any left over anywhere???
  11. I saw a pair on display in NM in NJ but that was like a week or two ago. I don't remember the size. That's such a fun shoe!
  12. I value my life too much. LMBO! I've seen some pics, and wow...GORGEOUS. But I'm a bit clumsy in heels. :upsidedown:
  13. Thanks! My SA from Neiman is scoping it out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. I saw a larger size at NM in San Francisco yesterday. My SA said there are no smaller sizes left in the store.

    I think your CL collection sounds lovely. Sounds like your bag collection is pretty darn good too.
  15. This thread is worthless without pics?! ;) j/k