Is my Birkin an EBENE BARENIA or a BOX ?

  1. I'm totally Clueless :p
    This bag was bought 5 years ago and was told by the Hermes Sales person that it was a BOX.
    He was not 100% sure either.
    Thank you in advance.
    SweetPieGiraffe :smile:
    Barenia1.jpg Barenia2.jpg Barenis3.jpg Barenia4.jpg
  2. i don't think its either....
  3. It's Ebene Barenia! It has those characteristic striations on the leather, the tone-one-tone stamp of "Hermes Paris Made in France", and the matte finish. I've owned a bag in this color/leather and am very familiar with it.
  4. Judging from the colour, ageing of the leather and the fact there is only a heat stamp with none of the silver, the skin would be Barenia in Ebene. Box leather would have been stamped in the same colour as your hardware.

    She's a beauty.
  5. i was going to vote barenia too! what a stunning bag!
  6. Could it be Evercalf? I have an Ebene evercalf and it has the same grain as you have. it is very light, is yours too? It doesn't have the same stamped as yours have. I haven't seen barenia irl but in pictures I have seen, it doesn't have that grain (is this right?)
  7. It is Barenia, IMO....Great Birkin
  8. It is a beautiful bag! Congratulations!

    I believe it is a barenia due to its matte look after 5 years. If it were box, it would show a some patina/shine. As 24 F mentioned, the stamp color is also a clue.
  9. Ask gigi :heart:. Gigi!! Where are you?
  10. I also think it is barenia. My barenia HAC also have the same heat stamp and the striations on the leather. She's a rare beauty. Give her a little rub for me, Sweetpiegiraffe!
  11. This is driving me crazy. LOL I know this leather/color like the back of my hand and am 100% sure it's Ebene Barenia. I had two bags in this color/leather combo and this one looks just like them.
  12. I also vote Barenia. As others have said, it has all the characteristics of Barenia.
    I have a black Evergrain bag with PHW and my stamp is in silver, so I think the "clear" stamp on this bag is a definite indication that this is not Evergrain (plus it doesn't look like Evergrain).
    It's really gorgeous, and fairly rare. I hope you continue to enjoy!!
  13. yeah I just looked at the pic again...and its barenia i think too.
  14. so it is barenia :yahoo: I didn't know about the striae :smile: on Barenia, I learn everyday here, my evercalf has that too :smile: it's cute.
  15. I think that is the most gorgeous birkin that I've ever seen! Wow. OK, now I get barenia!