Is my Bday so DH said let's go to the mall & I will buy you

  1. anything you want. I said even at LV? He said sure but then looked shocked when I said a wallet (vernis zippy) I want is almost $700. lol. The pricetag is also startling to me so that's why I am hesitatant to purchase it.

    We went to the mall and I picked out a new red croc Michele watch band (sooo pretty) and he suggested we go to LV....BUT I couldn't do it. There really isn't any item I have to have from LV right now that I feel is not too $$ to ask him to buy me.

    Am I weird? Does anyone else relate? I know some would be just thrilled and select whatever they want BUT if I think its too expensive for me to purchase I definitely think its too expensive for him to buy me.

  2. I kind of think you are nuts to turn down a Vuitton but I understand what you mean, feeling guilty for accepting isn't worth it IMO
  3. Don't worry, I would feel guilty just the same! First off I know that no one I know would ever to offer to buy me LV, let alone a $700 wallet! I'd probably be a little hesitant to accept, but maybe after a little bit of "Oh come on, it's okay, it's your birthday/Christmas/etc." I may say yes...I'd still feel guilty though! Receving expensive gifts = having to give expensive gifts...that's my idea of being fair, so next time, I'd have to buy that person an expensive gift!
  4. i know what you mean...
    i feel bad asking others to buy me something really really pricy...
    especially if i know the person did not plan on spending that much money...
    if i really want it, i should buy it myself... that's just how i feel... ;)
  5. You're not weird!
    Happy Bday btw :flowers:
  6. Well, if you think it's too expensive for him to buy you, and you think it's too expensive for you to buy it yourself, but you love it, why don't you offer to pay half, then he pays half, then you'll get the wallet you love, without guilt..! :P Well, I think getting LV with 50% off for birthday is still an awesome gift..! Lol...
  7. Happy birthday virgo, my birthday is also next week and my hubby said we'll go to the mall and buy the "designer" purse I want. He had his parents go to the LV store to see how much the purse I wanted cost. They were shocked at the price but it was discontinued and not available and I'm not even that sure I want it that much due to its size. We were in the sports store yesterday buying snorkelling gear ( I live near a beach and snorkel everyday) and we want to buy a two person kayak. But my purse would be more expensive than the kayak we are going to buy, so I'm not sure if my shopping trip will be sucessfull. Plus I can decide what purse I want which is another problem. Chloe, LV, Chanel.. who knows.
  8. First of all...Happy Birthday!!! I totally understand how you feel. If I knew someone had lots of money and wanted to do something nice for me that I think I would be ok with that. However, if I knew that $700 or $1500 or whatever was at lot of money for someone that they could put to better use then I would feel bad about it and probably just get something more reasonable.
  9. No, I do not think you are weird. I can relate to what you are saying. You sound like a very practical person. By the way, Happy Birthday. :yes:
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. i have that feeling too. my boyfriend (who is totally clueless on LV) asked me where I get my LVs, but i ignored him and he keep on bugging me about it. I have a feeling that he's gonna get me something becuase its my birthday soon, but then i really didn't wnat him to get me stuff, even though i did get him a LV wallet before for christmas. hmmm am i too weird too for not allowing my boyfriend to buy me something expensive?
  12. Happy Birthday :smile:
  13. Happy Birthday Virgo!!:flowers: What you did is completely understandable. I would have felt the same way. You're a gracious lady and someday, I know your graciousness will come back to you ten-fold!! I'm sure of it!:yes:
  14. I wouldn't have my BF buy something from LV unless it's less then $500. LOL. I haven't spent more than $600 for a LV piece so I don't want him to spend any more than that. It's just a comfort level price-wise for me.
  15. Happy Birthday! You're not weird, it's all about what your comfortable with.

    You could ask for gift certificate, so you could put it toward your next purchase, that might be a solution.