Is my anger warranted? WWYD???

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  1. I have recently been quite alienated from my "local" outlet. (If you call a 1 1/2 hour drive each way local.) It's been SO BAD that I even had a personal conversation with the stores district manager.

    On my last visit I had to have a MFF legacy bag sent in for repair. It was the signature w/ blk leather trim shoulder bag and one of the front pocket turnlocks was broke. I had already requested a trunlock to repair myself and they sent me the wrong size, later confirming that the bag would need to be sent in for the repair. Fine, no big deal. The CS rep I spoke with told me that next time I visit my outlet I should take the bag and tell them to waive the fee since I had already been waiting for the turnlock to be sent etc...etc...

    OK, I visited my outlet a few weeks later on the 17th of Jan. I had to do alot of talking to even get them to waive the $20 fee as the CS rep had promised. They gave me paperwork and told me the bag would be shipped to JAX the following Monday which was the 18th.

    I had a sinking feeling when I left the store that I was leaving my bag with a group of women who are not presently my largest fan base!!! LOL I dismissed the feelimgs as being paranoid and forgot about it.

    Now, I've spoke with JAX tonight and the CS rep I spoke w/ told me that there should be a repair# on my paperwork (there is NOT) and that they show NO RECORD of the bag at all. Hmmmm..................

    Now, I'm going to try again in the morning as I KNOW that sometimes the evening shift does not have all the info. I also plan on calling my outlet if JAX still says they have no record. Do I have every right to assume they'd atleast have received the bag by now??? It's been 15 days...I didn't expect it to be repaired, but I imagined they would atleast HAVE RECIEVED the bag at JAX days ago!!!

    How would you proceed if the bag is still at the store level??? I just know I'm going to EXPLODE :rant: if that's the case. I'm getting a feeling that the SA's who had maybe been in trouble w/ their DM because of me thought I'd get merch credit and wanted to delay/stop that from happening. I asked for repair and have no reason to think they wouldn't be able to repair the turnlock...I feel if it's still at the store level that it's PERSONAL.

    What would you do????

    ***The reason I had to speak with their DM is because they told me they didn't have a bag in stock that my girlfriend was sending me picture mssg's of the exact bag in mass sitting on tables IN THE STORE AT THE TIME. You all may remember. The DM was NOT HAPPY.

    I hope this isn't the case, but in my gut I feel it may be. :shrugs:

  2. That is horrible! I would call the DM again, their is NO way it wouldn't have gotten to JAX yet....I am sorry you had this happen. Customer service is terrible these days! =(
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    i wish i could tell you how things work at the outlet, but i know full price stores send their repairs out every week. so if you go in on monday and their day to send is sunday then it would be about seven days before it goes out, and it will go out ground. so that may take a few more days

    you know what REALLY pisses me off, and this *may* apply to you so i'm writing it here.. i had a customer from overseas, that had a turnlock on their leah break so he had dropped it off here, in mid of november to be repaired. we sent it out the week after so it was last week of november..time flies and i really don't remember how long it has been but the customer emails me hey, how are things? as a prompt and so when i checked it was STILL NOT in jax! so i asked my manager and she said it takes 4-6 weeks..i i call a few weeks later and then jax tells me that they didn't "log" it in until january 6th so that it is "in repair" right now when i expect it to be repaired already

    trust me, i've had the conversation with the jax rep and unfortunately she cannot explain where the bag was during that month.

    luckily the customer was understanding, now i just have to send it off to singapore, because it JUST arrived to my store repaired.

    i wouldn't blame the SAs..though i know it is sort of tense between them and you, this is something i blame on jax.

    edit-*to be fair* jax probably get a lot of repairs, and i know that in between time we have sent repairs off to them without a hitch and it came back wayyyy before this singaporean's and those repairs were sent AFTER i had sent his. so i really don't know how to go after jax on the customer's behalf..esp since we all work for the same company..i was just a bit!!!
  4. Amanda, I agree with you 100%.
    IF the bag is still waiting to be shipped ( still at the store you dropped it off at ), and knowing about your previous problems with the SA's there, I would personally wonder if they intentionally held off on shipping it out and if you find out later that this is the case, I would be BEYOND heated. Maybe you should call the outlet and ask to speak to a manager and ask the manager what the status of your repair is. I don't know if they use DC # or any kind of tracking when they send them out this way but, it wouldn't hurt to ask for the tracking number so that you can personally track it's progress.

  5. i just had a bag repaired on your paperwork it does say wait 4-6 weeks id complain after that time frame when you sign the paperwork it says you understand that it might take that long as for them not liking you its still their job and they have to do it regardless but i would talk to the store not the dm because your gonna get the same answer 4-6 weeks
  6. I have followed the issues you had with your Outlet store and I think it is aweful.. I think that if the bag is still at the Outlet than you should explode. It is not right that they are acting incorrectly and if they were doing there jobs you would not have problems..
  7. My opinion is this...

    Yes, it does say "Repairs" can take 4-6 weeks... but the SHIPPING to JAX for the repair should not take 4-6 weeks....

    This bag was dropped off at the Outlet the week of 1/17... That Bag should certainly be at JAX by now... The Outlet should have sent it as soon as possible and that is that... I don't care about shipping once a week, blah blah blah... If that is indeed the case, that needs to be STATED up front when the bag is dropped off for repair...
    "We ship on Tuesdays, so this bag will go to Jax next Tuesday"....

    There is NO excuse why this bag should not be at JAX by now...

    The question is, who is at fault, the Outlet for not shipping, the Post Office (or Fed Ex, UPS) for slow (really slow) shipping, or JAX for not logging in the package...

    If indeed this bag is still sitting at the Outlet, then YES, LCM has every right to speak to the Manager, the DM and hell, I would go higher up the ladder as well....
  8. IN the least, get your repair #, if you don't have one, then they never sent it.
  9. I would call first and ask for a repair number, and if they can't give you one then either go to the outlet and ask again in person, or take it to the DM. I'm suggesting the call first because I would be so mad, too, but you first need to find out what happened, then you can address it appropriately. IMO it might be easier to get the info and keep your cool on the phone first (at least it would be for me, especially with a 1-1/2 hour drive to consider). GL!
  10. It has been awhile since I sent something in for repair, but I have twice. I know at least once, I had waited the time they say and then called to check on it and they didn't have record of where it was or said it was still in repair when it should have been sent back by then. The very next day I got it. So the moral of my story was that it seems like maybe they don't update their logs or whatever system regularly. Try not to worry if you can.
  11. I agree 100%.
    I always hate to jump to early conclusions so, I will give the SA's at the outlet the benefit of the doubt until you find out for sure what has happened but IF they have purposefully held off on the shipping of your bag, you have EVERY right to raise hell with them and like Tamy1119 said, make sure you take it as high up as needed in order to get the person responsible punished for this.

  12. I think your anger is certainly warranted. PLEASE let us know what you find out when you call the outlet. That is pretty ridiculous that they may be holding some silly grudge and denying you services that you paid for. UGH. Good luck!
  13. Did you get a receipt or form from the store when you sent in the bag?
  14. that is absolutely horrible!!!
  15. Oh I would be poppin' off!!!