Is my Alma mono too "old school" to carry anymore?

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  1. Is my Alma mono too "old school" to carry anymore?
  2. I don't think so. If you love it, use it!
  3. I dont think so at all! Its a classic piece.
  4. Depends on the condition, IMO. But in general - I don't think so! I love Almas.
  5. It is a classic like a speedy a papillion a noe-classics.
  6. I love the mono Alma! For awhile I was considering buying one as my first LV piece. I think it looks classic, and timeless!
  7. Love love the Alma, classic and goes with everything!! wear it proudly!!
  8. to me mono alma has always had a very "old" image. i much prefer the bag in vernis or even damier.
  9. No of course not...please use it more often,such a beauty!!!
    In the future I would really like to buy a Mono Alma, it's a classic piece.
  10. It is timeless and classy. I love mono alma. I think Coco Chanel was wearing mono alma too, if I am not wrong. So classy.....
  11. It is timeless I agree. i would love to see pics. I have a vintage speedy that I love. So new or vintage I say carry it.
  12. I guess it does depend on the condition. I mean as long as it's not tore up I'd wear it. It's def a nice bag.
  13. Almas are not old school they're classics.
  14. it is a classic!!!
  15. classic, not old school