Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. Oh that's cool...I'll have to bring out my black pochette :smile: Been wanting to use a pochette and I can't seem to get a monogram one
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  2. 9A2BA76767F9761320E85966AA0F0223_5502_57824.jpg IMG_5095.jpg IMG_5102.jpg IMG_5090.jpg IMG_5080.jpg IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5082.jpg IMG_5101.jpg IMG_5092.JPG IMG_5091.jpg

    I love multicolor soooo much. :heart:
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  3. I know this original thread is from 2010, but the topic pops up fairly often around here, and I'm surprised by how polarizing the MC is. I love my two Speedy 30s.