Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. I am dying for something in black MC, would get more use out of it with my wardrobe than a brown bag. However, the bags all tend to be heavy or have flaps....I need top zip and light weight and a bonus if no vachetta to worry about. My ideal bag would be a black MC speedy 30 or 25 with black handles and minus the heavy hardware, similar to the Mono and Damier Speedys. Or a cute little tote like a MC Neverfull or Totally. I am disappointed they don't seem to be making many new styles in MC anymore. I don't think it is dated, but if there was strong demand for it I imagine they would have more variety to choose from.
  2. it's def not out of style. i've never been a huge fan but the mc is growing on my. I saw a woman with an mc speedy the other day and it looked fabulous
  3. i don't think so.. while i'm not a huge fan, as long as lv is still making it, it's not out of style lol
  4. I love the MC line, I wish I could get one but they're so expensive. I think that may be way there aren't that many out there because they're so much more expensive than the very common Speedys, NF, Galliera and so on.

    I say buy it, if I had a chance I would def. get one :smile:

    PS. Please do a reveal if you get it, I barely see reveals of MC and I get soooo excited when I see one ;)
  5. I do think some of the designs look a bit dated, but it's JMHO. I agree that smaller bags and wallets look better in MC than bigger bags. I actually contemplated getting a MC wallet (maybe Sarah?) the other day.
  6. I'm not a huge fan..but that could be due to all the fakes I see!
  7. I don't think it is out of style at all. LV continues to produce new Multicolore bags in new styles, so that tells us that there's still a lot of demand. :smile: Some of the most beautiful Multicolore bags are the ones that have been discontinued, and I don't think they could ever be out of style.
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    Not at all. I love MC, it's one of my favorite LV lines. After I bought my black MC Milla MM, it has become my most used bag. MC is fun, chic and cute. A black MC Alma gives it a touch of timelessness;).
  9. Every time I carry my preloved White MC Alma I get tons of compliments! I love my matching Sarah wallet too with the smaller LV pattern. I went to Oktoberfest on Saturday and I saw a woman carrying a White MC pochette - it was such a nice bright pop of color -- I have the same one but I was carrying my Galliera to fit everyone's junk in it- phones, wallets, etc so they could go on the rides.:P
  10. Someone who posts in this forum told me they would be making a Speedy 25 in MC minus the heavy hardware.....can anyone confirm?

  11. Oooh, I wish they would - the hardware on a lot of the MC bags is a bit OTT for my tastes.
  12. I love the MC lines^^.. especially Annie & Patti...they are so cute....~~
  13. I think all the hype that once surrounded MC has dissolved since Jessica Simpson's newlywed days, we don't see it as much on celebs! but I think its still popular for us mere mortals. I only have the Kate clutch in MC but I think its still hot! not too keen on the styles they have released recently but still love seeing the speedy and Alma...Would love LV to update/revamp these two popular styles!
  14. I just got turned off with MC because of all the fakes you see around. I also think that the styles are OTT and very impractical for daily use.
  15. I honestly think it is a little out of style. Reminds me of the excesses of the 1980s and early 1990s. I'm not really a fan.