Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. Yeap, to me LV is timeless with all the ranges, always in style. And I do love Multicolore! :biggrin:
  2. I used to dislike the MC line but now I really like it (maybe it's the age thing. lol)

    Although I don't have any of the MC bags (but hope for a petit noe or Alma someday), I have several SLG's, like Koala wallet, 4-key holder, coin purse (the older style one that opens up like an accordion), and a wapity. I adore the smaller sized MC monogram and they make me smile when I look at the pretty colors :smile:

    I think MC is, of course, in style (how can something so adorable get out of style, right?)
  3. I love the small MC mono, too! There's something about the 33 colors that just lights up my day- my alma is waiting for me at home, I can't wait!!
  4. I have the new MC Courtney.

    I gotta say.. I feel a little akward carrying it.. Its one of my remorse buys.
  5. I love multicolour it's so much fun!! But I guess not many people buy it maybe it's a bit too flashy for everyday use or for their profession, therefore they tend to stick with the regular brown monogram.
    I personally love multicolour =) I'd say go for it!!!
  6. Post pics!! Congrats on your choice.
  7. l hope not, l love my Alma, and always get a buzzwhen l use :smile:
  8. I just think it's not a bag that every one likes (I rly don't favour it ) and two it's more junior than most other lines and not that many ppl can pull it off I certainly don't think it looks good on me but if ur young and cannpull it off than do ur thing
  9. I agree with you!:tup:
  10. I'm not a fan of MC but I definitely don't think it's out of style or so 2003 :smile: Get what you love!

  11. I totally agree!!! I am in my 40's and I know I am hot! And, I love my MC Theda. I personally donot think that any LV's go out of style. They are classic bags. Now Miss Theda, I would carry it more only if I can get it away from my daughter LOL!!!
  12. Interesting question - I've wondered the same. Can't really get into Multicolor myself; the only piece I have is the white MC Kate clutch still brand new never used, couldn't ever find an outfit that it complimented :rolleyes:
  13. I absolutely Love Love Love all my MC items , they are my Fav !
    I don't think they are out of style at all !
    I have the black MC speedy 30, black MC pochette accessoires , and black MC porte-monnaie plat (coin purse) ! Plus I love my Aurelia which is white MC !
    Im looking forward to getting the Speedy 30 in white in the very near future !

    Congrats Nikki on your new MC purchase , I cannot wait to see the pics!!!
  14. mrs moulds we are to hottest gals on this board! Love you!
  15. So not out of style! I still rock my MC speedy every once in a while :smile: still love it! And from the jealous looks I get when wearing it, I'm not the only one ;)
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