Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. I love the MC! I wish the MC pieces weren't so pricey nowadays. I wish they would bring the MC back to the classic styles!
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    I love how MC somehow equates with one's age! I am on my way to 50 (but I am hot....LOL!!!) and I guess that is why it works for me! LOL!!!

    Agreed! And Priscilla is so gorgeous.

    Agreed whole heartedly!

    I can't wait to see it. Nikki, congratulations. This bag will be the queen of your collection. Mine is!
  3. I think MC is out!
  4. I wouldn't say they're out dated. Perhaps Multicolore is considered too trendy for the price point. For example, I love Ursula and Judy! I don't know that I want to pay over 2K for a bag with all the vachetta and bright colors. I' rather invest it in a more classic bag.
  5. Multicolor, Cherry Blossom, Graffiti & Cerise are my favorite LV lines. I love the different colors across a black or white canvas. I have not personally seen the MC Alma IRL, but I can only imagine it's gorgeous! I think you should get it. If you don't get it now, you will be kicking yourself later. Trust me. That has happened to me too many times in my life. lol!
  6. I still like the look of MC, but only against the white. I have a White MC Speedy and think its a fun bag for summer!
  7. Good for you! Enjoy it!!! I have the 2 speedys in MC and they are great bags!
  8. I wouldn't say MC is out of style. It's definitely still selling since they do come out with new MC bags/accessories every now and then.
    Personally I wouldn't carry a MC bag because it's a little bit too much for me (I am very simple) but I do have a few SLGs in MC and I love them! It's fun, chic, and I just love the splash of colors on the canvas! :love:

    I'd say get whatever you love and enjoy! :flowers:
  9. I have my MC black pochette and MC black Alma. I don't use either bag very often but I do like them still considering they still look quite new. And I tend not to see as many MC bags but the traditional LV bags and I like to be different. I'm not really a big fan of brown bags.
  10. I will sell my LV Multicolore Speedy because I have a toddler and cannot use it as much as my shoulder bags. However, whenever I look at it, I feel like it is one of the most beautiful LV bags ever. Eye catching and very modern looking...I love this one much more then regular ones. I do not know how to say "bye" to this darling bag:sad:.

    So, if you find a nice second hand MC bag, just get it. You will love it. Maybe in the future( when my children get older), I have another MC bag...
  11. I would love a multi coloured speedy, but havent got there yet. I stay go for it if you love and will use it!
  12. Thank you everyone again for your advice!! It makes me feel much better knowing I've made the right choice. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow- I might have to do my first reveal!
  13. I definitely don't think the Multicolore line is passe. Of course there is going to be a time of recession but I don't think it's out of style at all. I am currently eyeing this Multicolore Business Card Holder.
  14. Ohhh that would be so cute!!

  15. Funny, I feel the same way.
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