Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. I love the MC line, i think it's both classy and fun :smile:
  2. i'd never think that the MC is out of style. i personally love the line and i have the white mc kate, white mc audra and white mc marilyn. and this year i just added a black mc koala wallet into the family.

    i am now eagerly waiting for my black mc cles to arrive! =D

    i'm in my early twenties and my mum who is in her late 50s loves the mc line as much as i do! so i think its very much about personal perference.
  3. :goodpost: You are so RIGHT!!
  4. I used to hate the MC line also, especially since there were so many fakes in NYC. Here in Florida, I've seen a few women carry them- my age, (in their forties) and I started to think they were actually kind of pretty!
    I guess the line grew on me because last year I started craving one so badly:P I started off with the pochette and then got the cles to use as a wallet inside. Soon after that, I got an agenda and stopped carrying my mono one.

    Last week I finally got a White MC Alma and Sarah wallet and I love them:cloud9:
    The White MC is so summery and upbeat and it makes me happy to look at it. I love all the gold studs and the soft red lining inside. The other day my DH caught me stroking the lining (it's sooo soft) and he was like What are you doing? I said I was just checking it for flaws.....
    I have no regrets and now I'm even considering a black mc.:nuts:
  5. I had a few MC things and i just sold them. I am just not feeling the MC any longer
  6. I like the accessories - I have the cutest leather bracelet in BMC with a vachetta bow that I picked up last summer in Nice. The wallets are nice too. I dont have any bags, not really my thing.
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    Agreed! They're lovely and if I had outrageous amounts of money, I'd certainly have a few MCs in my collection. For now, I stick with the more timeless pieces but one day...

    If you Can, then Do! ;)
  8. The MC canvas is not dated at all. But I think some bags in the line look more dated than others. I'm a big fan of MC because the authentic ones looks so vibrant and fresh...and the hardware is substantial & posh looking. I also agree with a previous poster who said that part of it's rarity is that the more recent prices are around 2K.

    Not being a trend driven person, I was not aware of MC until 2007 and only discovered it while visiting the boutique. I'm glad that I got into it late since I found out on tpf that the first run of White MC had canvas/glue staining issues. By the time I was into it, LV had it all worked out.

    Anyway, I hope you get your Alma. IMO it's one of the best MC pieces, a classic :smile:
  9. I completely agree...2003 was a great year for LV. I loved, loved the Cherry Blossoms! And the Multicolor was totally hot at that time.

    If you like Multicolor, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Buy what feels right to you :smile:
  10. I am in my 50s and I love the MC:heart:! I have both colors. Of course I wouldn't wear them everyday, but they are cheerful and chic and brighten up my day when I wear one!
  11. I don't think it's out of style at all but I would only ever carry an accessory from the collection. The only people I see who carry bags of mc happen to be asian women who look like they are in their 30's. I always imagined mc to be a younger print and in my opinion, it's a bit awkward looking on adults. :smile: that's just my opinion though
  12. I used my black mc speedy the other day, and I LOVE my white mc noe!
  13. Don't think so! Im not sure but for example the judy MC is a recent model, not 2003.
  14. I think it is dated. But I don't tend to like the MC line at all... so maybe its up to you. What do you love? If you still love MC, then wear it!
  15. I'm loving everyone's comments! Thank you! I just bought the Black MC Alma yesterday so hopefully it will be here before the weekend :yahoo:

    Since I live in Chicago, I figured black would hold up in the bad weather better than the gorgeous white- I'd probably never take it out of the house! And I prefer a year-round bag since I just bought the Azur NF which is more of a warm weather handbag.

    Again, thanks for all of your responses, I love hearing your opinions!

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