Is Multicolor out of style?

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  1. Hello my fellow TPF'ers! I am still an avid Multicolor lover... but is it out of style?? I rarely see anyone with these bags anymore... are they passe? I know LV still makes them, but I am considering a pre-loved black MC Alma and I don't want to be "so 2003..."

    I know it should be about what I want. And I want it :smile: But I also just wanted someone else's opinion.

    Thanks and have a fab day!

  2. I think the MC has tons of fun pieces to wear once in a while.. It's too much for me to use as an everyday bag though. I really want a MC Alma or Speedy myself though.
  3. IMO, 2003 was LV's best year, Multicolor, Cherry Blossoms. Of course, I couldn't get mine until the second round of multicolor came around). I use my white LV (bolounge - sp?) for a few months every summer or when I go to Florida in the winter (w/match keepall). I use CB (Brown/pink) in the spring and sometimes end of summer. I get more compliments on these two bags, than any other LV's.

    I say like what you use and use what you like!
  4. No, it is not out of style. But then again, not everyone is in style.
  5. Oh and I overlooked that you were considering getting the Alma in Black MC. Definately buy it. It is such a gorgeous bag...I know I have one!
  6. I feel the same way sometimes. I love MC. I asked my SA about it. She said they certainly do not sell as many MC pieces as they used to, but she isn't sure why. I personally love MC. And if I weren't on a ban I would love love to buy a Greta. Buy what you love.
  7. I am going to buy it for sure - I have been wanting one since 2003 and just never got around to buying it! :biggrin: Other bags always caught my eye and I purchased them instead. I agree that the MC and CB lines are so fun- and they're rare (well, the authentics are rare). Whenever I see an authentic MC bag I always catch myself staring at it, I just love it. I have a black MC pochette and cles, but not a large bag yet. Ok, I'm conviced!! Thanks all!
  8. I'm going to say....dated. Not really out of style, but dated. One of the things I love about lv is that there are a lot of timeless pieces...but some are more trendy than others.
    That said, I adore the multicolor noe, and would carry one any day! I've been considering a mc piece slg.
  9. Sorry...double post...
  10. Personally I am not too crazy about MC line, but I don't think it looks dated.
  11. For some reason I find the black MC to have a dated look but not the white MC. I can't say why. I do love the black MC speedy, but the white is just so fresh and I feel that it looks more "classic"
  12. Thank you for all of your thoughts!

    Vsminimoose, I hope you get your black MC speedy soon!
  13. I think MC is so fun but I do always equate it with a younger crowd. Now that I am pushing 40 I don't think I can pull it off. :biggrin:
  14. I love Mc it's my favorite. I think a big part of the reason you don't see them very often is because they are around the 2,000 mark
  15. not at all
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