Is Mulberry Regular Alexa enough?

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  1. I am waiting on delivery of a preloved Alexa in regular size. I couldn't decide if Regular would be sufficient but Oversize seemed to big. To any size Alexa owners, what are your thoughts?
  2. Depends what you want to put in it.

    Right now my Alexa has a base shaper ( eBay) and has:

    3 nappies
    Small pack wipes
    Lots of makeup
    A my little pony (baby bow tie for those interested)
    Some coffee
    Bottle of perfume
    Tin of altoids
    Packet of raisins
    Juice carton

    It holds A LOT! I'm waiting on my Samorga organiser to arrive - then the pony may have to do one!
  3. I find the regular a tiny bit too small for daily use, but I do carry a lot. It's still a pretty roomy bag.

    I carry

    A continental wallet
    2 Cosmetic pouches
    Glasses in case
    Sunglasses in case
    Small diary

    If I don't need to carry both pairs of glasses or brolly its fine
  4. I have 2 reg alexas and find the reg one to be just right but I don't like to carry a lot normally have a purse, mobile, tissues, keys and a couple of pouches with essentials. Really does depend on what you need to carry.

  5. lol 😆
  6. I find regular Alexa the perfect size for day to day stuff, oversize is huge and I don't really like the proportions.
  7. I love my regular Alexa and find her more than roomy enough for all my daily essentials. Look forward to the reveal :smile:
  8. Oh yes! Regular is perfect. O/s is too much bag in general unless you're carrying laptop/folders etc. x
  9. Thank you so much. That's all really helpful. I definitely don't carry a My Little Pony LizzieAlexa or the nappies but as everything else fits in then that's cool :smile:
  10. As the others have said above. I find the regular Alexa carries enough for every day.

    The OS is much bigger and as I'm petite it didn't look right on me either (I thought I looked like a child carrying my Mum's bag!)
  11. Regular alexa is perfect for a reasonable amount. =) I find the oversized too big.
  12. Oh no. I have an os in the mail and you girls are making me slightly worried. I want to use her as a day to day bag for work. Will she be too big?
  13. It holds A LOT! I'm waiting on my Samorga organiser to arrive - then the pony may have to do one![/QUOTE]

    Ha ha!
  14. I have a regular with a samorga organiser. It holds a bit more without the organiser but I hate digging through a bag to get what I need.


    In the pic my bag is holding:
    *My sunglasses
    *mini umbrella
    *pocket filofax
    *small makeup bag with essentials -lip balm, concealer, mini hair brush, anti bac gel, hand cream
    *other small stuff in the organiser pockets - hand wipes, glasses cleaner, nail file, pen etc

    So she holds A LOT of stuff and is perfect for a daily bag, but I find her too small for a work bag because I would need to squeeze in another phone, my note book, some papers, ID tags. I'm thinking about getting an OS Alexa or Bays for a work/travel bag. But as I've just bought my first, I'm trying to remain calm and wait at least 3 months before I rush out for another 😉