Is Mulberry for the middle-aged?

  1. Please don't take offense but it seems to me that Mulberry bags are favoured by the more mature women. I was thinking that most of the regulars on here are a bit older, then any time I see Mulberry bags IRL, they're always carried by middle-aged women. Then I just found this on eBay

    It says perfect for Mother's Day. What are your thoughts? Please post your age group too. Under 21, 21-30, 30-40 etc
  2. The fact that it is sold in John Lewis is another factor in my thinking. Maybe they're not the same down south, but here it's a very mumsy, middle-aged kinda shop.
  3. Maybe, I'm 38 and only just noticed Mulberry...OMG!!
  4. My daughter had an apple ledbury and matching purse for her 16th birthday . She loves them . I think some of the older styles are for the mature lady but I think their new collection is meant to appeal to the younger fashionistas amongst us.
    I have been a Mulberry fan for a few years now and I hate to say it that I am in my 40's although I dont think of myself as middle aged .
  5. An apple ledbury :yahoo: How lovely! I didnt even know they did the ledbury in apple at one point. I bet that is gorgeous!
  6. Middle aged?
    I never even thought about it. I am 38, is that middle aged?
  7. Yes its lovely , they only did it for one season I think and then it got discontinued about 2 years ago.
  8. Sorry to answer the original question, I dont think Mulberry is for the middle aged per-se. I think they have a lot of different styles which appeal to people of all ages. Some of the styles do seem a bit 'too old' for me at this point but thats just my personal taste. I think some mulberry styles work on people of all ages, and some older women look better with them than younger ones. Style is not really about age. But anyway I digress... :lol:

    Ive recently turned 26 and dont think my mulberries are too 'old' for me. But I did think about 'would I see myself using them in years to come' before I bought them.. the answer was yes, otherwise I wouldnt have got them. Does that make sense?

    If you dont mind me asking, how old are you Audrey? :tup:
  9. Let me get my glasses and hearing aid out!! i am in my upper 40's and I love all of them. I think its more about personal style, not age. For instance, Roxanne might appeal more to younger women, but I can see a woman in her 50's or 60's with jeans and boots carrying that bag. It's just what you are comfortable with!
  10. Speaking as a woman of a certain age (!) I think Mulberrys are for any woman of any age and if you're happy and confident wearing one what does it matter how old or young you are? I'm probably older than most of you, and I'm not telling you how old I am cos I don't feel that old and don't like thinking about it. Enjoy your Mulberrys and forget your age!
  11. I'm 30, so approaching middle-age fast, I guess I think middle-age is late 30s onwards, though maybe as I get older that age will get older and further away:graucho:
    at 21 I probably thought 30 was middle-aged.

    I wonder if the people at Mulberry know their demographic,
    i think they are trying to appeal to a younger market, just wonder if that is deliberate because they're worried about the brand image/appeal.

    I guess you're right though, there's a style for everyone. It may just be that the Bayswater is a good work bag cos I see a lot of older office ladies with them.
  12. In a word. NO
  13. I think it used to be more for the "middle aged" some years ago. But in the recent years the new lines have a different style, more fashionable!:tup: So now I think Mulberry appeal to all ages.
  14. I'm middle-aged? Break it to me like that why don't ya :wtf:

  15. I'm 22 and loving my mulberries!