Is more than one Speedy too many?

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  1. I've caught the Speedy fever since getting my first one two weeks ago. It's the 25, and it's the absolute perfect size for what I carry. So, here's the question: I've been thinking about the Epi Mandarin Speedy 25 A LOT, but would it be silly to have two of the same bag? I'm also kind of thinking that I should wait to see the Damier Speedy, but that would be equally silly as well, right? So, if it is unnecessary to have more than one of the same bag (I've done this with Coach [twice, actually], but of course it's far less expensive), what else would you recommend in the Epi and the Damier?
  2. I don't think it's silly to like the same style of the bags but in different materials. It's just like you liking a particular style of clothing and getting them in different colors. I don't see anything wrong with that. Personally, I'm planning on owning both the mono speedy and damier speedy in the future. It's just a matter of time...
  3. Not silly at all. I have monogram speedy as well and one of my future projects is an epi speedy ;) Just gotta convince the SO that I NEEEEED it :P
  4. actually i never understood why people would buy the same bag more than once (in different colors). personally, i wouldn't do that. unless i'm filthy rich and already have all the bags i've ever wanted. but that won't happen i guess :smile:
  5. No, actually the satchel shape goes with everything from shorts to suits. These bags must be classic styles for me. I have 2 gallery totes and 2 speedy's.
  6. like serendipity said, since the shape is so versatile and the materials so different, i don't think there's anything wrong with it. get what you love!
  7. I have a speedy 35 and 40 in monogram and a speedy 40 in epi black...........a) we are totally normal and its okay to have several speedys b) we are all crazy and should stop our obsession

    I vote for a!

  8. Well, it's like how sometimes you have the same shirt in different colours, if you really like the style of something, you should stock up. Having more than one speedy isn't so bad.. I think someone on another board mentioned having 11 (!!!!) at one point.
  9. Right Ayla and who has 14 b it CeeJay?
  10. Yup yup, that girl really likes her b-bags ! :lol:
  11. I had a b bag box in my car hiding. Wasn't sure about those strings hanging. It was georgeous! I still dream about that. Wish I could get out of my structured box.
  12. No problem at all! I have an EPI Speedy 25, and I am thinking about getting both in the Monogram and Damier (when that comes out) :shame: .
  13. I don't think two speedys is overkill.As in lets say - Speedy 25s in Monogram Canvas & Epi Mandarin? I like.But, I can't say I would want two Monogram Speedys in say, 25 and 30. If the two Speedys are radically different, I say go for it.
  14. sorry what was your first speedy? the monogram and the damier are totally different compared to the epi, i wouldnt buy both the monogram and the damier in the same style but one of those and an epi OF COURSE!
  15. you can never have too many purses! :biggrin: . i think it would be ok to have a mono and an epi and even a mono and a damier. i agree with ayla that if you like the style then get however many variations on it you want.