Is monogram too girly (as luggage)

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  1. This might have been asked before, but I have a Jorn in Graphite and know I'm getting a Pegase in the same color and the thing i like about this is that it is so discreet yet known as LV. I'm planning on getting a Keepall in Mono (this will be my 1st used piece) because I already will have enough Graphite pieces. I like that the traditional monogram is so known and recognizable as a luxury item, but is it considered girly?

    TIA :wlae:
  2. Not at all. I'm a guy and all of my luggages are mono:
    Sirius 70
    Keepall 60 w/strap
    Keepall 55 (gave it to younger bro)
    Speedy 40
    Reporter PM
  3. I was wondering this also. I was helping my brother find new luggage, and I said what about Louis Vuitton, and he said no it is for chicks.
  4. Thanks :smile: I'm a LITTLE less hesitant to get the keepall now. I'm waiting to splurge on a new LV item since I'm getting my Pegase and some Energie sneakers for my B-day.
  5. I think it is classic.
  6. No!
  7. I don't think so... Monogram Luggage is so classic... couldn't go wrong with that...
  8. Monogram luggage is a classic & very suitable for either sex.
  9. ^^ I totally agree :yes:
  10. Thanks :smile:
  11. I don't think LV luggage, or mens bags or feminine at all.
  12. Not girlie at all.
  13. no, mono is very neutral
  14. Not at all! It would make a hot traveling luggage! Great choices on the Graphite pieces, though. I'm really in love with the print. I think the Mono would be a nice contrast to the Graphite pieces you own.
  15. I agree with the PP's...I don't think it's girly at all!