is Monogram Groom Compact Zipped Wallet unisex?

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  1. Hey, im just wondering if LV Monogram Groom Compact Zipped Wallet is suitable for both male and female?? I went to see it today and i really like it.. i was thinking about purchasing the wallet for my brother as an x'mas gift.. but a friend said she feels that it's more of a female wallet?? I didn't check with the SA if it is unisex as they were all busy attending to the other customers.. what do u guys think?? is it suitable for male?? if so, what colour would be suitable for a guy? blue, green??
  2. i own it and was looking at elux and it was in the men's category. i think most men keep their wallets in their pockets- don't they? if it was used for travel maybe. i love it though- and i have the green.

    or am i confusing it with the zippy groom?
  3. the smaller zipped compact is blue and it is more of a turqoise blue. Also if it's for someone carrying it in their back pocket of jeans, etc. then it would be way too bulky.
    The larger zip wallet is green and would probably be a great color for a guy....but is big and not suitable for the back pocket.
    In terms of wallets....Epi wallets are great for guys!
    If you really like about a red agenda?
  4. Hey thanks once again for the picture.. really like the agenda :smile: but im gonna see if the wallet thingy works out first :smile: hahaha if not, maybe ill get the agenda instead