is monogram groom cles a must have


Dec 28, 2006
i wonder if i should spend the 200$ for Groom cles or should i save up for Batignolles vertical, i know it's totally diffrent things but the Groom is not functional to me because i'm one of those girl who has to carry alot of thing with me. and i'm on a budget:sad: . but the Groom is so cute to have it but i would use it only as a charmer:confused1: . help please:wondering :wondering


Nov 4, 2006
The cles is a wonderful item. You can hang it of you bags or jeans. Spacious as well. Cards, lipstick and keys will go in there fine. Not necessarily only for coins. How about getting a mono cles instead. Maybe it's cheaper? You can hang it off your BV in future!
Aug 14, 2006
I love the Mono Cles, for how much more you can use it for everyday. And I love my MC Cles, and thinking about getting a Vernis Pomme de'Amour color cles. For me, once I got my MC Cles, its a fun little accessory to use, or hang as a charm. And now that I only got one, I would love to have many more cles'. I think they are so cute. And if I never got my MC Cles, I don't think I would want any cles, as they are expensive. But if you love the Mono Cles or Groom cles, you will be happy with it. I actually got a new authentic MC Cles from ebay last month. And was so happy to save money. As I agree, they are expensive.
Jul 3, 2006
I may be the only one not in love with the cles style. I just gave my monogram groom cles to my daughter - I loved how cute it was, but I was using it for keys and the drop from the keys to the actual cles just seems so long to me - it drove me nuts flopping around down there - silly hey? I'm going to buy the 4 or 6 key holder, in the new red color, I think. (It only comes in 4, so I may have to go with mono for the 6 key one since I have so many keys). Does anyone have one of these, what do you think?

Anyway, the mono groom cles is adorable; it just didn't work for me.


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Nov 3, 2006
i would save for the bag.

i do have the groom cles though and i use it every day. i use it for my work keys and my metrocard. yesterday i started putting all my gift certificates in there. it is very handy but i wouldn't use it just as a charm.