Is monogram canvas really worth it???

  1. Lately I have been wondering if monogram canvas is worth the money we spend on it?? Are we being foolish with our hard earned cash??? I am not wealthy and I wonder if I am wasting my $$$$. Is monogram canvas worth the big price tag....I am not sure....two years ago a bought a gorgeous bag from the Banana Republic which orginally retailed for 400 but, I got it for two hundred on sale(the price of a cles) and it is beautiful leather. Are we buying into something that is too overpriced??? Food for thought.....
  2. I agree but people want to buy something that not all can afford. IT's the status thing. What can you do. People pay $200 for a t-shirts.
  3. Well, I've heard other members here say how the coated canvas is actually stronger than leather and should last longer. I love all LV. Of course it's overpriced, that's the "luxury" aspect of it. Leather is not indestructible. There is the epi leather and the suhali which is gorgeous, so you do have a choice in the lv you buy. Are we foolish? LV holds its value very well, especially LE pieces. To each his own!
  4. Monogram canvas is very durable just as leather. It depends on the person...
  5. I used to find it shocking that so many people would pay that much for a non leather bag but now I am hooked on Lv i feel differently.
    In terms of how long some people's mono canvas has lasted them then I would say IMO it is worth it.
  6. Personally, I think monogram canvas ia completely worth the money we spend on it.

    1. It's durable and well made. Instead of buying a bunch of $50 - $100 purses that start to disentegrate after a month of use, when you invest in mogram canvas you're investing a bag that can withstand years of abuse. The more you use the bags, the better they look (nothing's prettier than a mongrtam canvas bag with a nice patina).
    2. They retain their value. God forbid anyone should have to sell a beloved monogtram canvas bag, but if you had to you could do so without suffering too much of a loss. (That line of though is how I get rid of any LV buying guilt!)
    2. It will never go out of style. A mongram canvas that you buy today will never become old or out of date - it just becomes "vintage"!
  7. My oldest monogram is 30 years old and in great condition. Many happy buyers surprise to acquire a vintage bag in excellent condition. (sold them so my new dh would not think I was a LV I bought a Prada two season ago it didn't even last to the next season. Price tag: $1500. IMO my canvas outlasted many of what I refer to as my trendy bags. Which incidentally is why I always come back to LV.:P
  8. I don't believe it's the status thing for everybody. I know it isn't for me. I fell in love with monogram 30 years ago when I was 16 and working in a dept. store in NYC. I drooled every time I saw a woman carrying her mono speedy. At that time I didn't have a clue as to what Louis Vuitton was and of course had no idea that the style of bag I was looking at was called a speedy. I soon found out how expensive it was (at that time) so purchasing one went on the back burner for quite a while. The mono speedy is and always has been my absolute favorite. Because of how much I use it and enjoy it, I do feel it is well worth the money.
  9. It's not about the's about the Classic LV!:wlae:
  10. So worths the $$$. I would rather have one mono LV than having 10 leather bags from Guess, banana republic's durable and will never out of style plus it hold its value especially 3 times price hike in one year.
  11. Definetly worth the amount!
  12. I used to think, "Who in their right minds would purchase a bag for over $1,000?" :P That was when my "purse gene" was seriously repressed.

    When it comes to LV Monogram, however, yes, it is worth the money. They last quite a long time as some of our fellow tPF'ers have attested to and they retain a good percent of their value if you had to sell them. Plus they are classic and timeless!!!!

    AND --- LV makes me feel so fantastic. So. imo, it's definitely worth the price for that feeling alone! :yahoo:
  13. Aunt had a beautiful mono speedy 30 for about 16 years when their home was robbed while they were sleeping. The next morning my Aunt found her empty Speedy in the swimming pool. The Speedy is about 30 years old now and my cousin in using it...still a great looking bag!
  14. Of course it's worth it. It will outlast anything else. If you were using your Banana Republic bag every day for a year, I would guarantee it won't look as good as using your monogram bag every day for a year. Bonus, LV never goes on sale and is always in style. Timeless....classic.
  15. My thoughts... I'd much rather put more time into saving and more money into a bag that's going to last me for years to come. Why keep buying bags when they don't hold up to the normal wear and tear I put on my bags on a daily basis? LV can clearly hold its own and I don't mind waiting a bit longer or paying a bit more for higher quality.