Is Mokka The Same As Tobacco????

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  1. Just wondered what the difference is between these two browns, if any? I have the brown, I think it was "brun" on the tag, medium paddy from '06. It has the brown lining...but how does mokka compare? And then there is tobacco...I think from early '07???? Can anyone sort this out? Thanks!:rolleyes:
  2. I'm under the impression that moka, brun & tobacco are all the same colors, but I could be wrong.
  3. Are they all that sort of very dark "black/brown"? :confused1:
  4. Yeah, I saw the moka IRL life and it was a very dark brown, you can definitely still see that it's brown and not black, but it's very very dark.
    It was quite nice actually I thought.:yes:
  5. And it's a lot darker than the "chocolat" color of 05 & 06.
  6. Thank you...that helps since I was thinking of getting it in the medium, but didn't want to duplicate the color of my '06 paddy or my '05 large paddy hobo...I like the REALLY dark brown just as much as those two colors:smile::yes: