is miu miu coffer bag a seasonal bag?

  1. Hey guys.. i have been fretting whether or not to purchase miu miu coffer bag for the longest time ever.. i have never purchased anything from miu miu before and this is the first miu miu bag that i fell in love with. Im more of LV, chanel, marc jacobs kinda person.. and i tend to buy the more classic pieces instead of seasonal bags.. so im just wondering if it's too late to purchase the miu miu coffer bag now?? and do u guys think it's gonna go out of style soon??
  2. No! lol coffer is a great bag. The leather is amazing , very soft and beautiful hardwear. This will be a classic bag. Year round. Get yourself one , you wont be let down.
  3. hahaha im torn between the suede leather or the brown one.. i know the suede one will have the vintage look.. but would it be easy to match with ur daily wear??
  4. I have the cream colored one . I love the suede one I think its gorgeous. If you want classic get the brown leather one. Its seasonless.
  5. Yay for coffers!! It's versatile and gorgeous!
  6. I have the brown suede one and it is very easy to match and it is a really great everyday bag- not to mention it's so pretty! get it!! :smile:
  7. If you hafta ask that question, maybe you shouldn't spend all that money for it. I can't speak for everyone, but when I like something, I like it. Period. The only way something can go out of style for me is if I myself get tired of it. All that In/Out stuff is for people who can't think for themselves, IMO.

    Sjunky, I agree with you. I have the brown leather one and love it to death! But the suede one is TDF! And the cream one is sweeeeeeeet!