is mitzy medium hobo oak ok in rain??

hi to you all, i am new to the forum and also mulberry - have recently purchased oak antony which i love but got caught out in the rain with it, and its got rain stains :sad:

have just bought the mitzy medium hobo in oak - the pebbled leather - it seems more hardwearing than the oak antony - could any of you advise whether it is ok in the rain??
many thanks to you all!


Jan 1, 2010
I sprayed mine with collinol anyway just in case but it is very hard wearing and rain seems no problem for it.
Sorry to hear about your Ant. Some of the others may have advice on how to try and blend in the water marks.

Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
Use the collonil but the pebbled leather in my view is one of the unsung heroes of the Mulberry range - the only oak leather i have had that is impervious to rain! I still spray all my bags with collonil tho!


You won't have any worries with that leather. Mine has been drenched, sprayed with sea water (on a speedboat) and plastered with suncream, icecream and chocolate sauce. It is my chuck around anywhere bag and looks immaculate.
thanks for all your replies - it does make me feel a lot braver at bringing it out! this forum is great - very obessive!! i have just bought a rouge noir mitzy messenger today and now am so excited i can change the handles on the bags!! 4 bags for the price of 2 is how i justifeid it to dh!!


Touching the stars
Jan 6, 2009
I seem to be the only one who has had staining problems on my Oak mitzy Hobo then. I had water marks that were so bad I resorted to giving her a bath. She is still drying so not sure if it has helped yet. I had sprayed it liberally too.

Congrats on the RN messenger!