Is Mirroir Outdated?

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  1. I'm a sucker for LEs, past and present. I prefer my bags to be fun and not always practical. I came across a mirroir speedy for a reasonably good price (less than what I'd seen in the past and in pretty good condition considering age). So my question is, is that line totally outdated? Anyone with a mirroir bag that they're still using? And is it sort of a ridiculous bag? We don't live in an overly fashionable city so this would definitely stand out!
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  2. #2 Jul 2, 2016
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    It doesn't work with my style, but if it works with your style and you love it then: go for it!!!!
  3. These are the LEs I currently have, but have had others in the past. I also have/had bright Bals and other patterned bags (I use my floral Gucci horsebit a ton).

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  4. I think it's a bit dated but so awesome it doesn't matter [emoji4]
  5. In 2006, purseblog deemed this an IT Bag and it so was. So many celebrities were carrying the speedy and alma. Honestly, it seems a bit dated and screams Paris Hilton and Kim K imho. But if you love it, get it. That is the only thing that matters.

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  6. I think it's completely outdated and, frankly, tacky, but it really depends where you live and what social circles are yours. And in the end, if you like it, then you should get it and enjoy it. Fashion is not black and white: I may love something that someone else may consider garbage and vice versa.
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  7. If it is in great condition and the price is really good and you really like it, go for it! It's a fun, happy bag, you can wear a few times either with jeans and white T-shirt or out to dinner. When you'll get tired then sell it. After all is just a bag and if it will give you pleasure wearing it a few times then why not? :smile:
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  8. Thanks for the all the opinions! It is definitely a bold/loud bag and probably too much for where we live. I have a friend who still uses her GM gold alma and she rocks it, but she is super girly and it totally fits her personality.
  9. Carpe diem ! Life is so short :coolio:

    You like it, wear it! Enjoy!
  10. What goes around comes around... A bag that is outdated now may be fashionable very soon again but who knows.

    I think it is more important that a bag suits your wardrobe and your lifestyle than that the bag is a current it bag. I agree that the bag is quite loud but at least gold is a neutral color that goes with everything. :biggrin:
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  11. I like the bag and how it's different than a lot of the more subtle designs. I always like stuff that is quirky and different like this. One thing that put me off of this one though was how horrible the wear and tear is on the miroir bags are and I'm not one to advocate babying a bag
  12. I was never a fan of the Miroir collection and it is a bit outdated to me. But I must say that your Speedy looks incredible for its age. If you like it, that's all that matters :smile:
  13. It is such a lovely bag. Yes, a bit out there and a bit 'LOOK AT ME' but it's definitely a statement piece. I have always loved the Miroir line and I love the story behind it (apparently an artist made a bronze model of the Keepall and then MJ decided to translate it into an actual bag - so cool). If you are confident that you can use it and pull it off successfully, you should definitely get it! Good luck!
  14. A bit too much and of a certain era, IMO, Alex. It doesn't wear well either. Ha although it would make a very poetically ironic juxtapose to all your idyllic scenery! :smile:
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  15. Totally agree! Everything comes back in style. I think it would look very nice paired with an all white or all black outfit.

    Is it a little dated? Yes. Is it still fabulous? Yes! I think the right outfit, place and time could make it work!!
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