Is Mirroir cosmetic case too fragile for everyday use??

  1. I am going to get one of the new cosmetic cases, but am having a difficult time deciding between gold, pomme, and amarante. I like the gold but am worried that it might be too fragile for everyday use. Is it very susceptible to scratches? The cosmetic case would be tossed around in my bag. I am careful with my things, but I wouldn't baby it.

    I don't own any miroir pieces so don't know how hardy it is. Any advise is greatly appreciated.


  2. For this, I'd get a Vernis one in Amarante if you aren't going to baby it. That way, you don't have to worry about color transfer or scratches...I'm mostly using my Violette one in my bags and using the gold Miroir one occasionally.
  3. I think it would get scratched with everyday use. I used mine today as a makeup bag inside my cabby, but the lining is very soft and my keys were somewhere else so they wouldn't bump up against it. I don't plan to do that every day though, I have an azur mini pochette for that. I plan to use mine as a clutch.
  4. If you can somehow protect it inside your bag you should go for it. Miroir is sensitive and you have to be careful with it. Otherwise get one of the vernis colors as they are more durable.
  5. The things in my bag that the cosmetic case would bump up against are:
    -zippy wallet
    -mini accessory pochette
    -PM agenda (although I keep that in dust bag...pomme and didn't want it to get scratched up)
    -Soupcon sunglass case

    I don't really have small "loose" items in my bag. If worse came to worse, I could always store the cosmetic case in the dust bag that my mini accessory pochette came in. It's open on top (no flap) so that would make it easy to get in/out of the cosmetic case.
  6. Also, what are the dimensions on the new cosmetic pouch? The LV website doesn't say.
  7. I think you may have to be careful with it.
  8. That's a great question...I'm glad you asked it as I just purchased the Gold and Amarante. I'm not one to baby my accessories. This info. is definately food for thought.
  9. ^^ I agree as I am w/l for the silver one but unsure to get it or not???
  10. I wouldn't use it everyday, purely because I throw a lot of things into my bags and it would definitely scratch the case. Having said that, the miroir isn't as fragile as I thought it would be, so I'm happy. I'll probably use mine every 2nd-3rd weekend.
  11. I had the exact same dilemma trying to decide between those same 3. I too was VERY concerned about the gold scratching and looking really nasty. I discussed it with my SA and she agreed that you do have to baby the mirior pieces. I am careful but I do want to use mine. the end, I ended up with pomme and amarante and reluctantly, the gold went back.
    I hope that helps!
  12. This is good to hear. I love the mirroir and bought the gold heart....I have it in the dustbag inside my purse. My heart even has some tiny scratches on it that were there when I bought it. I'm not sure what to do as I passed on the pomme. I don't like babying stuff. What to do?!!