Is Miroir ever going to be on eLuxury?

  1. I am starting to suspect some items never make it to eLUXURY. I see people already have Miroir bags, but they're not on the site. It makes it tougher to blog about it. If they're not going online, then I won't wait around - lol. Blogging's supposed to be quick, but I like to link to online stores, ya know? Anyway, thanks. I hope I can find good info on the bags at the official site if not.
  2. I don't think the Miroir line will make it to Eluxury.
  3. You can always have a store charge send one of the bags to you.
  4. No..the stores even had trouble getting them in because of the difficulty they had making them. So elux won't be getting them as they previously said they would.
    But like Michelle said, you can have a store charge send one to you..I remember someone said the Beverly Center had an Alma or something..not sure what color though.