Is Mini-Boden a quality product?

  1. I just got the cutest Mini Boden catalog. It is a cross between Oililly and Hannah Andersson, but better priced. With 5 kids under six anything adds up! Has anyone ever ordered from them? Please help! This is the first year we have no uniforms...I'm scared:nuts: .
  2. Absolutely! You can trust Mini-Boden for the kids and Boden for you!:yes:
  3. I Love Mini-Boden!!! So, Cute On The Little Ones!!!! :yes:

    Definitely Great Quality....Highest Recommendation Here!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! The girls will be thrilled to order tomorrow. Any other brands you suggest? Normal stuff for the 2 boys, but the 3 girls only wear below the knee skirts.
  5. I just ordered from them for the first time (I also got their catalog out of the blue) and I can't wait to see what the stuff is like, quality-wise. It all looks so cute and is really well priced, too!
  6. I loved mini boden for my daughter, however, I would be careful of the graphics on the tees. After several washes they started to peel off. I then tried to air dry the tees and they became real stiff. Everything else was great quality.
  7. I have never ordered from mini-boden, but I have ordered from Boden, and the clothes are very well made.
  8. Is Mini Boden the same as BODEN USA? I buy my kids things online from BodenUSA, they have great clothing from the UK and I think the quality is good, I have never had any problems. I did find the sizes ran small but I always buy up so it worked out for me. My kids are tall. They have great outlet sales on their website--I would check the website out before I ordered thru the catalog.