is mikimoto ever discounted?

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  1. i was looking at diamond studs and saw the mikimoto case.....the pearls were soooo beautiful! i was wondering if mikimoto is ever discounted from the MSRP? or is the price is set and very firm?

    thank you!
  2. In Hong Kong, you can get a 10% discount if you have the Lane Crawford VIP card.
  3. thank you evekitti......unfortunately i'm not in hong kong nor do i have the lane crawford vip card (or any vip card lol).

    has anyone in the states been able to get a discount on mikimoto jewelry?
  4. You may get a discount at an independent jewelry store that carries it, possibly even at a dept store if any still carry Mikimoto. Not sure if the official company stores ever discount. Probably depends how much the piece you want costs, too. It never hurts to ask!
  5. I agree with DreamingBeauty, you may be able to get an independent retailer to be a little flexible on the price. There's no harm in asking.

    There are also ways of owning Mikimoto pieces that aren't thousands of dollars. If you check out the "Under $1000" section on the site, you can get stud earrings, diamond and single/double pearl drop Akoya necklaces, even an Akoya pearl bracelet with smaller mm pearls. That black South Sea pearl pendant looks gorgeous as well.
  6. yes, any jewelry store that carries mikimoto, usually gives 10% off (but you have to ask) and if you're a regular, they can give 15%, make sure you get a very good grade and anything from 7-8 mm is a great size. There is a difference between mikimoto and akoya (saltwater) pearls, you will see the difference with your eyes and the price. But it's worth every penny for mikimoto... one pearl can cost the same as a diamond.
  7. Just to clarify, Mikimoto sells Akoya pearls. I think you may mean "non-brand name" Akoyas.
  8. I've gotten lucky and scored a Mikimoto earrings and matching ring on discount. The department store was closing... but it was quite a few years ago.

    I'd try an independent jewelry store like someone else suggested.
  9. Yes, if you are a regular customer.
  10. ^^ I have been to the private sale before. They have alot of pearl earring studs in different sizes. I think most of the inventory were different pearl earrings (not just studs). They also had a few strands of necklaces. I don't really remember if they had bracelets. They also had some really high end pieces that just sat in the case because nobody was going to buy it. A bit of a madhouse when I went like 2 years ago or was it last year?