Is Metallic "GOLD" out of style soon? Lanvin Gold Hero - to keep or not??

  1. PG_20104_8551_FS.jpg
  2. I think the metallic thing is in through fall, but probably not for much longer. If you want a bag that won't look dated in a year or two, I'd stay away from metallics. (That's a really good price for it though!)
  3. I love the Lanvin Hero and it looks really pretty in gold. As for metallics, they are neutrals that never go out of style. I actually can't wait for them to get less "popular". I will never tire of metallic bags, in fact I am eyeing a particular gold Ferragamo at the moment;). Keep the Hero:yes:
  4. i have a metallic bag from the SEVENTIES!!!! (just totally dated myself!!!) if you love the bag, keep it..honestly!!!
  5. no...the color on that bag is really pretty! I think that metallics are more of a classic than a trend...the popularity will go up and down, but it still stays classic. I say go for it!
  6. I think metallics are like leopard print. People were saying a few years ago that leopard print was out--but it seems to be something that comes back.

    Plus that bag is very "classic" in style--I think you'll be able to use it for years.
  7. I don't think so.. Gold is still in! And the bag is very classic style, you can always use it!
  8. If you like it, can afford it, and think it will go well with the rest of your clothes, buy it. I don't see why someone should hinder themselves from getting something they like and are able to get because a magazine says "in" or "out". I think that it's a nice shade of gold and the chain handles give a nice comparison : )
  9. I love that bag!
  10. Thanks guys, the Hero looks so gorgous and much better than the photo and I really hate to let it go and it's my first Lanvin :smile:
    I think I will keep it, thanks for the support and feedback, they are all very helpful!
  11. Who cares if it's in or out of style! If you like it and can afford it then get it. I think the bag is very pretty and elegant looking. And it looks like a bag that can match with a couple of outfits.
  12. It seems metallics always come into season every year in the fall and winter months from one designer or another.
  13. i personally have always had a thing for metallic gold bags so i wouldn't say they're going to be "out" fashion wise anytime soon... that's a great bag definetely keep it!
  14. I'm yet wearing "old" Fendi's from way back and could care less how "in" it is. I love that gold bag! :tup: