is mentioning tPF allowed on ebay?

  1. I am a complete ebay newbie, and I don't want to violate any of tPF's rules, so I'm hoping that one of the administrators or moderators (or someone else) can answer this question: I have seen a few ebay auctions over the past few months where the seller notes that she is "a proud member of the Purse Forum." Is this allowed?
  2. yeah, I have seen that as well.. don't know if it's cool though or not.. some mods clarifiy this pls.. thanks in advance..
  3. I don't think its alright, I'm pretty sure VLAD posted it as a sticky somewhere around here......
  4. Whats wrong with posting it on ebay auctions? I personally dont because I would like to keep my ebay thing separate, but I think I would prefer to buy from another TPF member if its stated on the auction description. I think I would feel a bit more comfortable with it.
  5. I don't state that I am a PF member, but I do have a link in my auctions to the site. I don't see a problem with it. If it is okay, maybe someone can photoshop up a logo icon for those who do want to mention it.
  6. I think the problem is sellers may try to use tPF's name to reassure buyers that they are honest/legit when it does no such thing. Anyone can become a "proud member" of tPF simply by registering. Buyers should keep this in mind and not let that affect their decision to purchase an item.
  7. ^I agree. We've actually had fakes posted where someone says "Proud to be a Purse Forum Member" :rolleyes:
    There's no rule against it as far as I know however.
  8. What I've done, rather than that, if listing handbags is to suggest to buyers that they should check the authenticity of any purse they are interested in (i.e., not only my listings, but ANY) with either the ebay purse community discussion board or tpf. I think it's sound advice and I really DO think buyers should do this--with one of the groups. To say one is a member is a bit tricky though--because after all, anyone can join, so what does it mean?
  9. I didn't list TPF in my ebay auction. I was scared of stepping on someones toes. This is a great question BTW.
  10. Yes, this is exactly right.
    I also do not claim I am a member of tPF on my ebay listings, just my preference.

    Whether it's allowed or not, saying you are a member of tPF should not give any ebay buyer a sense of security, afterall tPF has no responsibility to protect ebayers/PF members against fraud. There are too many scammers out there that know that claiming this might convince a buyer to buy.

    Be careful ladies, be smart. Don't be SO trusting. There are scammers on this forum daily looking for opportunities to pounce. We've seen this recently. Be aware.

  11. maybe the PF could have a recommended sellers list like MP? Then we can have some cute little logo to add to the auctions?
  12. ITA. I can see problems occuring when these so-called members sell fakes.
  13. Knock yourselves out! Linking back to tPF is more than encouraged!

    You may even want to mention your username here, if you wish. But that is up to your own descretion.
  14. Great idea, I will have my designer look into it. Unless of course, someone wants to design it her/himself. :happydance:
  15. I don't have photoshop, otherwise I would.