Is Medium A Good Size for Me?

  1. Hi ladies, I have a question for you all. I'm 5 ft 8 inches and of small frame (small bones). I am not a big-bag person, rather I prefer my bags to be proportionate to me. I found Speedy 30cm to be a bit big for me (because of its wide base) and I generally prefer purses in sizes of Birkin 30cm, HAC 28cm, or a rigide Kelly 28cm. In your opinion, which size Muse will be good for me? Small, Medium, Large, Oversize, or Extra Large? Would Medium be a good size for me or would Small be better? I have no problems with using an evening bag as a day bag, it's all about proportions for me. TIA:flowers:
  2. I am 5ft 2in and decided to get the medium muse which I absolutely adore. It's a great size for me, however I could easily see myself having no problem with the large (it may even be advantageous on some days!). I am delighted with my medium, the small would have been far too small for me.
  3. Thank you Rose!! I'm just a bit uncertain about the size because all I carry everyday are: keys, cellphone, eye glasses case, contact lens case, compact wallet, and sometimes a small makeup bag. I was afraid that the Medium will be big for what I'm used to carrying
  4. I am also 5'2" and recently purchased the medium and I think it is just right, so I think you could so medium or large. The small is really small and the way the zipper goes, it's really hard to fit very much into it (and I'm the sort of person who really doesn't carry my entire life in my purse, so when I say it's small, it's really small).
  5. Okay--I just saw what you carry and it's about what I carry and I thought that for me, the small was too small. It's more of an evening bag--not like the small B'bag, for example, which for me is a good size.
  6. I sometimes don't carry the makeup bag. Just keys, compact wallet, eye glasses case, cellphone and contact lens case. Small is still too small in this case? Would you say the Medium Muse is bigger or smaller than the LV Alma?
  7. I think you should go with the medium. It is definitely a handbag size - very ladylike with no excess! It doesn't look oversize and yet is roomy enough to carry all of your things. I don't think you'd be able to fit all of the things you listed into the small.

    What color are you thinking of? That might help you make your choice as I don't think the small comes in most of the colors...
  8. I think there is a picture somewhere of someone with their small. It was a metallic bag, if I recall. I agree that the small is more of an evening bag. I would go for the medium (which is what I have -- pic of me with it somewhere on the 4th or 5th page of threads in the YSL subforum).
  9. I am thinking of a lighter color actually. Something more pastel, which is one of the reason I'm concerned about the size, since light color bags tend to make the bag look bigger
  10. Like everyone said, I think Medium would be a good size for you. =) Coachwife6 is also 5'8", she prefers Medium over Large/XL as well. Let me find the measurements for you. =)
  11. I'm not familiar with LV at all. The medium Muse IS bigger than the Balenciaga small. I think that if you didn't carry the makeup bag, you'd probably be okay with the Small Muse with what you have, depending upon the size of your wallet. Maybe the medium would be too big. But, you'd never get the makeup bag in the small with your other stuff.
  12. I should add--I'm not generally a big bag person and I think the medium is not a really big bag at all.
  13. I saw the medium in the light olive/khaki color in the boutique and it was lovely. The white was also nice. The only small I saw was a really bright gold metallic.

    On an unrelated note, I also saw an oversized emerald green ostrich muse there. TDF!
  14. I am 5'8" plus. I got the white Muse in the medium (1095) because I like lighter/brighter color bags (especially whites) in a smaller size. The medium is very pretty/ladylike and fits all the daily necessities. I absolutely love my medium white Muse & get many compliments when I carry it. It is my fav Muse, with the Dark Red Large one being my second fav. I also have the large and XL sizes. I love the large & XL in darker colors (as well as XL) but that is just me again not wanting brighter/lighter colors in the huge bags.