Is MC large tote heavier than GST?

  1. For those of you who have the Modern Chain large tote, is it really heavy? I know that I've read some PFers say that it gets quite heavy, especially when filled. Compared to the GST, is it A LOT heavier? Or about the same? I recently bought the GST and I feel my shoulder get a little sore after I use it...

    The white one looks so cute on omgsweet! I'm sure the bag is no longer available (unless someone has seen it lately??) but I see a couple here and there on eBay.

    TIA for your help! :flowers:
  2. I have both and feel the MC is less heavy than the GST. I don't fill my bags with a lot of items but with what I put inside, the MC is less of a struggle. It sits better on the shoulder/under the arm and the leather, although substantial, is not as rigid as the GST.

    That said, I love both bags equally!
  3. I'm looking for the white one too. The one on eBay is a bit overpriced. Does anyone know if it's still in stores?
  4. There was post about one in the Chanel shopping forum but I don't know if it is still available or where it is located.
  5. Thanks Roey for your response!
  6. call Bergdorf Goodman in NYC 5th Avenue. I saw it today on display (they may have 2 left in fact behind the mirrors). I just got the black one! They just received a shipment today. It's fab!!! It's not heavy and it's so chic!