Is MC Beverly GM a shoulder bag?

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  1. Hi all,

    before i go and purchase this bag, I really haven't seen in IRL, just pix here, but was wondering if the GM would be a possible shoulder bag?
  2. I think it least I've seen pics of J. Simpson using it as a shoulder bag and a handheld. More importantly, is this out yet???
  3. Yes it is and it's on, at least for France and UK! :yes:
  4. It is a shoulder bag ... but one of the straps tend to slip off your shoulders and kinda bulky under your arms too, but it's beautiful.
  5. I had the Beverly GM and returned as it was way TOO large. It was like a suitcase. I also had the Beverly MM, the problem...everything fit but my bulky sunglass case. The MC is so georgeous that I may try that one agon and use a soft case when carrying. The main problem is that I can't seem to make up my mind White or Black????
  6. It's very gorgeous and extremely hard to resist this one...I think I'm in LV love!!!
  7. I think I saw it this past weekend. I didn't really stop to look at it, but I saw 3 MC bags in the showcase and I think it was the Beverly GM and MM. It didn't look too big when I glanced at it, but I could be wrong? Pics don't do justice for it though!
  8. Yep I think you can put it on your shoulders. GM looks cool in white :smile:
  9. shoulder or arm.