Is MC Audra discontinued?

  1. Has the MC Audra been discontinued? I thought I read on here somewhere that it was???
    Does anyone know?
  2. It was still in the store as of 2 weeks ago.
  3. It's available on eluxury right now, in black. I have it and think it is an awesome design. Very classy. The handles are so pretty.:p
  4. no, that's part of the mc permanent collection ;)
  5. Thanks guys. I saw it in black on elux, thinking i want it in white
  6. Ahh!!! I got scared when I read the topic and thought that such a beautiful bag was d/c'd!!! :sad:
  7. I remember reading it was being or is discontinued I've never checked at my store though
  8. I am going to get one next month and talking to the SA in Hawaii there are still pieces at the three stores where I live. I told her I was waiting until next month to get it and she didn't say that it would be discontinued.

    It is a beautiful bag in the black and white, and I am going to get the black one but I LOVE the red interior in the white!!!
  9. It sure is a beauty!! Glad it's still going to be around...hmmm...could be another conquest!
  10. There is a black one in the SCP store & it has purple & pinks, really pretty color combo if anyone is interested.
  11. I don't think it is. I really want to get one in white, but going to wait to get it. As I want to purchase it while in Hawaii this summer.
  12. i am pretttyy sure it is not going anywhere.
  13. She's 1300 plus 4.71 tax right now in hawaii.