Is MBMJ Totally Turnlock Heidi a shoulder bag?

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  1. Hi! I live in Brazil and here we don't have MBMJ bags to buy! I always buy them online (Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, etc).

    I saw pictures from a MBMJ bag called Totally Turnlock Heidi (very similar to the Bowler one) and I'm not quite sure if it's a shoulder bag. Anybody here knows if it can be confortably used over shoulders?

    I'd really appreciate to hear from you about my question because I'd like to buy this Heidi bag!

  2. Yup, it easily fits over the shoulders.:yes: Even with a winter coat it fits.
  3. Its a very large useful shoulderbag ;)
  4. It's a really great size shoulder bag!
  5. Great! Then I'll definitely go for it!

  6. It's very comfy as a shoulder bag. I love that bag!