Is Mauviel cookware woth the investment?

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  1. I have been using le Creuset cookware for a number of years and have been very satisfied but I am thinking about eventually switching to Mauviel. Does anyone use this brand of cookware? Is it worth the investment? What about keeping the copper looking nice and shiny? Thanks for your opinions!
  2. From what I've heard, it's a pain in the arse to care for, just to keep it looking as beautiful as it looks hanging from the displays at Sur La and other stores I drool in (you buy a special polish for it). I should think it would be perfect for special occasions, and make for lovely show pieces...but I don't know if it is the best choice for everyday cooking (that is of course, if you are a hard-core cook). Sturdier items that can withstand beatings and are less tedious to care for, like All-clad, are better suited to that. While you do have to baby copper sets, copper does distribute heat evenly, more so than any other material, and heats up faster, so it makes for excellent cookware if you have the patience to keep up with it. I was considering eventually getting a Mauviel roasting pan and a few skillets (skillets are the only item of which I have issues with heat distribution), but outside of that, I personally wouldn't invest in the other pieces. Though if someone forces $2,000 on me and makes me buy a full set (against my will of course, *cough*), I won't be opposed to hanging it lovingly from the pot rack and whipping it out at dinner parties :biggrin:
  3. Are you looking for the 2.5mm Pro series with the stainless steel lining? I think that easier to care for, no need to re-tin, etc.

    I own a Mauviel Cuprinox (1.6mm) oval stockpot with the stainless steel lining and bronze handles, it's lovely and I leave it oxidized. Once in a while if I'm entertaining with it, I'll use the Barkeeper's Friend to make it shine.

    Might want to check out Falk Culinair from Belgium as well. Really, really gorgeous. Also, Bourgeat with the cast iron handles is beautiful too. I think Jacques Pepin uses this line.
  4. I'm considering the Cuprinox 2.0mm with the stainless lining and stainless handles. The Professional 2.5mm with stainless lining and cast iron handles is gorgeous too but I haen't seen them IRL. I assumed they were heavier and probably more costly than the 2.0mm. Both styles are so pretty

    I'll check out those other brands you suggested too. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I have an All-Clad Copper Core cookware set and love it -- you get the benefits of copper without the maintenance issues. My only issue with it is the weight, it's a lot heavier than other cookware.