Is marakami mini speedy still in prduction?

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  1. Is this mini speedy still in production? Seems like its a limited edition. Where can i find one?

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  2. You would have to look on the preloved market. Be particularly careful if it is the white multicolore you are looking for as it had issues with peach coloured staining to the canvas (a reaction between the glue and red lining). A lot of sellers either don't disclose or don't notice the staining. I had both the white and the black when they first came out and had to return 3 white ones for the staining issue - the last one I returned was exchanged for a credit note as it had been withdrawn.
  3. Check the bay!(elady or brand off)
  4. Wow thank you for your advice. When did the white and black one come out? I only see the regular monogram on lv websitr now. So sad they dont have any more.
  5. I am not very good with buying preowned....might be i really have to go thay route...
  6. Yes, check ebay and possibly in yoogis or fashionphile, they might have time to time ^_^
  7. One in black just sold on ebay yesterday for $76.
  8. The MC line was released in 2003 I purchased a white Mini HL in August 2003 it was discontinued in 2006. I only know this as I had to return mines due to the issue advised above and when I did in May 2006 the only one left in Europe was a black one in Paris so I declined and bought a pink mini pleaty instead but on Saturday bought a pristine, unused black one for £150 from a local pre loved shop in Edinburgh.
  9. The multicolore line was first introduced in 2003 and then discontinued a few months later as it was only ever supposed to be a limited edition line. It was extremely popular and the waiting lists were very long - back in the day, people were prepared to pay x2 or x3 the retail price for these items, just to have one.

    Due to demand it was reintroduced although the bags/wallets have been changed around. The Mini Sac was around for a couple of years before being discontinued and the white being withdrawn, whereas the Alma (for example) is still around.

    So no, you won't be able to find either colour Mini Sac on the LV website or in store - they've been gone years. So if you want one then it's preloved only I'm afraid. I think retail price when it was discontinued was £235 GBP.
  10. When it was discontinued in 2006 it was £350 - this is the price that's on my bill as refunded as payment for my replacement bag I bought.

    I was pretty shocked to be honest......mostly because I thought I would only be refunded the price I paid but no I was given the current retail price which was great! And a lot more than I had paid in 2003
  11. Sorry typo, my last credit note was £335!
  12. Ugh. I admit I do have the White M/C Mini Speedy. I used it lightly when I first purchased it, then put it away and forgot about it. I rediscovered it this year and noticed the "peach" discoloration from the glue. I took it to LV and they said they could do nothing to repair it as it had been discontinued. So bummed, it's a really cute small bag!