Is magenta 08 a wearable colour???

  1. Hey guys...i need some opinions!

    I really like the magenta 08 and want it in either a day or work! but my problem is i worry it is not a wearable colour! Do you find it hard to match clothes? Or do you have to wear certain colours with neutral or clash with certain colours? i see lovely pics with people with bright bags and it looks great!

    I live in the uk..and i worry that its not a perfect bag for everyday use as we dont have the sun as much and its going to be mega bright! do you think its ok to wear this colour within the uk or am i being too scared? it will be my first bright bag...i currently got a violet and tabacco. do you think i should stick with a day rather than work as the day is smaller and less obvious in colour?
  2. I think it's definitely wearable! I bought one in a City, but I had been debating about getting a Twiggy instead because I thought maybe the City might be too "much" colour. But I love it!!! I think you'll like it in a larger colour as well. Now, I usually wear alot of darker colours and don't usually worry too much about matching my bags to my outfits, but I do think this colour is very adaptable.

    Anyway, I say go for it!! I think you'll really love it in whatever style you decide.
  3. I have an 08 Magenta as well.. it's definitely wearable. Most of the 08 Magentas are quite pale in color and looks more pinky compared to the bright 05 magenta. Some of the Cities are quite dry and crackly too so make sure you choose one with leather you love!

    I tend to be a 1 bag person at any time i.e. I will carry the same bag everyday for a month or two then swap to another. So far I've been using Magenta ever since I got her. I bring her to work - and my work outfits are usually whites, blacks and greys, so no problem there. In terms of casual outfits - I've worn her with denim jeans, black shorts, a pale green shirt, lots of whites and neutrals and so far so good.. Oh I even wore her with a violet top once (similar to 07 Violet) teamed with black pinstriped pants and no clashes there either. I don't think you'll go too wrong with the shade. :smile:
  4. i do the same! i carry the same bag everday for a month and then swap round. Its good to know that i can do that without worrying about not going with much etc

    now i have to decide which style i want!
  5. I have the '05 Magenta and I love the color, but I do find that I select my clothing a little differently than I would if I'm going to be carrying around a darker color (Black/Brown) bag. The thing that would concern me the most, is the weather ... alas, I have the same problem here in New England. It could be sunny one minute and the next minute, it's raining (or pouring). As such, I find that I really don't use these bags as much as I would like to (or - I listen very carefully to the weather forecast and then *fingers crossed* hope for the best!). Just a thought ...
  6. thats my main concern..british weather! i dont want to look odd carrying a bright bag when its raining. i can see myself using it more during the spring and summer so im considering to get the day style in rh as the style goes perfect for summer. but im really liking it with SGH so more diliemas!
  7. I TOTALLY hear 'ya on the weather!! When I was working in London, I used my '05 Black Weekender for traveling and then always packed a City bag (Black, Marron or Burgundy) for everyday use. While I :heart: :heart: :heart: bright colors (Red is my favorite), I'm afraid those bags usually don't see the light of day (no pun intended) until the summertime!
  8. hi pekie! I think it would look great in overcast/rainy weather! I am picturing a bunch of people wearing grey/black/brown rain coats and purses/briefcases... and then you :happydance: with a neutral outfit, but a splash of color, but not too bright (because I think the 08 magenta is a little muted). Bringing a little color into a dull day...

    Dunno, in my mind it looks great :tup:

    A question though: do you have a lot of neutrals in your closet? black/brown/tan/ivory? If so, I think magenta will not be too hard to match with your clothing.

    Good luck in making a decision and finding the perfect bag :flowers:
  9. Pekie~ I have a RH 08 Magenta work. I have mostly neutral bags-but I love it! It is my first pink~ I did not know what I could wear with it, but I have found I can wear it with blacks/greys, and browns/ ivory!! I pair it with my Coach Legacy stripe scarf (the magentas match perfect) so that allows me to wear it with blues, browns etc...I say go for it!! It is a bit more wearable than 05 IMO and you will love the color. Make sure you get one with good leather-that is the only drawback.....
  10. i think im a bit scared of the colour...but i guess there is a first for everything! my wardrobe has a mixture of colours..neutrals, along with pieces of bright colours.

    Peppers90..its your bag that made me love the magenta even more along with danaes! absolutely gorgues in work style but im definately going for the day..i think in rh! i really hope i can get my leather looking like this!

    Im still mulling over the sgh but this pic puts me of! so many veins
  11. I think if you wear a lot of neutrals daily then the bag would blend nicely. Isn't it a good thing to look cheery with a Magenta on dreary days? I do wear quite a bit of prints & since I started using my BG, I only wore those with pinks. I think it is a little trickier to wear prints & coordinate then around a bag colour over neutrals.
  12. Opps forgot to put the pic, this is putting me off the pink with the SGH
  13. Pekie

    I feel slightly different to some of the people who have replied so far. I think 05 Magenta is pretty wearable in most seasons in the UK because it is rich and bright and purpley. I am not so sure about 08 Magenta because it is paler and pinker. I would want use it as a late Spring / Summer bag if I bought one.
  14. hey pekie
    i actaully own a magenta work in sgh and... guilty me just bought a magenta rh city from harrods yesterday, as it is so saturated and non-veiny at all (10% off this weekend!! + TAX FREE)
    i think both gh and rh are wearable no matter it is summer or winter, as long as you love the bag. i normally wear grey/black/purple... but actaully it can go with most of the colour.. i suggest not to wear bright colour top, and put on a black/grey coat. remember to put on a magenta shoes if you can!!
    my rh city is soo saturated and i'd say it is deep magenta, i can finger cross that i can wear it even though it rains! it doesnt matter if there is no sun outside... BE THE SUN for other when you are carrying a magenta!!!
  15. :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: MAGENTA?!!!? :yahoo::okay::yahoo:

    YAY! I didn't know this color was available! I think it will be very wearable--with neutrals, black, white, and denim.