Is Magenta 05 and Ltd edt 07 similar to Marc Jacobs Berry?

  1. Just wondering are these colours very similar? Or is the Magenta much nice? Thanks
  2. Magneta's a lot nicer imo
  3. Hmmm... good question! I think bbag magenta is a little more pink than MJ's Berry. Although they both have purple in them, I had a MJ Sophia at one time that was more purply IIRC :tup:

    Someone else may be able to better say, though!
  4. So they are quite similar then? Is Magenta much more pink?
  5. I think the Magenta is more pink and the Berry is darker (towards red).
  6. any pic?
  7. There are actually 2 shades of Marc Jacobs Berry - one is more faded pink, the other is more bright purple. The faded pink came out a few years ago in the usual soft calf classics - the brighter purple is more recent, mainly in the MP and the venetia. I would say that BG's magenta is brighter and more vibrant than either of the MJ Berries!