Is Madonna at risk of losing baby David Banda?

  1. Madonna was awarded Temporary Custody of Baby David Banda in October but now, in order to win complete custody of the two year-old, Madonna must open the doors of her £7million home to Penston Kilembe, hed of Malawi's child welfare services.

    His job will be to report back to the Malawian authorities on whether David should remain with his new family or be returned to his home nation.

    Apparently, Madonna is freaking out. She has replaced loads of her furniture and nude paintings with Malawian paintings and textiles. Obviously, she can't bear the thought of losing David.

    Guy has told her to calm down a bit and that she is trying to hard. He thinks that the fact that they both love David is enough and that Mr Kilembe is going to be able to tell in a matter of seconds how sincere they all are.

    I really hope that she gets to keep David and its obvious how much he means to her. I know things are hard for people in Malawi but I don't see how David's father can prefer David to be in an Orfanage rather than with Madonna who can clearly give him everything he needs.

    Good Luck Madonna.
  2. What? Ridiculous.
  3. Oh poor Madonna................not!!! I have no clue what kind of a parent she is, but just because she is who she is, isn't reason enough for her to be able to keep him. Let her pass the test first......just like everyone else!!!!!
  4. ^^^ Oh I agree but I don't think everybody has to go through the test of being able to take a child home then months later having somebody live with you to see your every move then make a decision whether that child should be taken away from you again.
  5. It must have been a slow news day for when this article came out! Madonna and son will live happily ever need to fear!
  6. Only a complete and utter moron would make that child go back to an impoverished African country- but I understand she has to go through the process.
  7. Rules are rules, no matter who you are. That being said, is it me or does it seem like these stars who are so eager to adopt are ignoring the problem right here in our own country? There are thousands of kids without parents right here too....
  8. The process should have been completed prior to the child living with her in the first place. They are playing games with a CHILD'S life if they allow him to go from orphanage to Madonna and then back to an orphanage. Security and stability are crucial for child development, and a child should not be placed halfway around the world until everyone knows it is a permanent arrangement.
  9. I hope whatever is best for the child happens.
  10. Hope it works out well FOR THE CHILD.