Is LVR closed for the month of August???

  1. I just placed an order for a Balenciaga Part-time in Violet GSH. Does anyone know if i'll have to wait until September to get my bag??? I heard that August is a holidday month for them??
    Someone shed some light on the problem...

  2. I don't think so. I just had a delivery yesterday that was shipped on August 8.

    The LVR automatic email response apologises for slow response because of holidays. However, the response doesn't seem to be particularly slow!

    I believe that they would change the auto message to say that they were closed for August, if that was the case. Don't panic if they don't respond on Sundays. I emailed last Sunday and got an answer on Monday morning.

    That message said that my bag would arrive before end September but wouldn't admit to more. The bag appeared on August 9! I think that they resist making promises but are actually shipping B.Bags out pretty fast and getting regular deliveries from the factory.

    For comparative purposes, as far as I know, nothing in the UK closes down for August these days. A small number of very old style factories in the Midlands still take the first 2 weeks of July off. I think that this used to happen but is getting less and less. The same may apply in some of the other European countries too??? I can't comment for them.
  3. I got a personal email from them today, so they are not COMPLETELY closed. I think maybe they may just have less people working because of the european holiday.
  4. they have not responded to my email from yesterday but i did purchase the bag without waiting for their response =P ....i got impatient LOL.

    thanks gals....that puts my mind at ease!
  5. I got a delayed response today to an enquiry I sent last weekend about the new green colour. They are definitely still there.
  6. Jenova, thanks for the confirmation! I feel better! :wlae:

    BTW congrats on your faboulus new violet city! i saw it on a thread. looks great!
  7. Thanks - you are a darling. I want to see photos of your bag AS SOON AS IT ARRIVES please!
  8. thanks chuggie and robotdoll !!
  9. They aren't completely closed, if you already ordered from them, your bag should be there soon. Congrats on your new bag
  10. Foxy, my answer is a bit late because I am myself on holiday. AFAIK Luisa does not close completely during August (although they might be closed today because the 15th of August is National Holiday in Italy) but all the businesses work on a much slower pace because August IS the month of national holidays in our country. This means that most of the big businesses are closed and shops close on Saturday afternoons in many cities. The employees are bound to take out a couple of weeks of holidays during August, so everywhere there are less employees as usual at work. If the things are slower, that is totally normal for Italy. :yes:
  11. Apparently there a parcel from LVR has been delivered to my home this morning. (Sadly I am stuck at work!!!)