Is LV your favorite brand?

  1. Just wondering if Louis Vuitton is your favorite brand for bags and accessories...
  2. Mine is definately Louis Vuitton, hands down. It's very elegant, timeless, and classy. I'm not sure about the fringe and charms stuff (not my style) but overall the other brands, i love LV!!! =)
  3. LV will always be but lately I have been buying alot of Chanel
  4. mine used to be Dior, but all the bags that came after the Romantique and Logo Flight lines just didn't appeal to me
    and i've been buying more LV lately, so i think it's my favorite now
  5. It's my favorite. Until that is........I can afford a Hermes Kelly.
  6. i would have to say YES... and then it would be balenciaga! :smile:
  7. yes... then gucci, then burberry.. then coach. i like coach for their prices. like if i spill coke on something coach, it's like, "eh, it was only $40" whereas if i spill coke on gucci, i'm like, "GAHHHH!!!!!!!! *DIES*". haha. but i love LV for their coated canvas.. coke + monogram = wipe it off. :biggrin:
  8. Yes, definitely~!... then gucci... then mj
  9. I love LV, Chanel, and Hermes. I'm still hunting for my Birkin. :yes:
  10. My thoughts exactly! :lol:
  11. Absolutely.
    I drool over the current "IT" bags, but to me, Louis Vuitton, no matter what style bag, will remain a timelss classic.
  12. It's one of my favorites but not favorite.
  13. :yes: YES!!!:yes:
  14. Definitely, I went to Gucci to buy a belt a few days ago. I returned it today cause it didn't feel right lol
  15. Yes, for purses & wallets that is!