Is lv wallet better than Burberry or other brands?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with other wallet brands like Burberry, Gucci or mulberry?

    I'm considering buying a long wallet like a zippy in canvas. I have a zippy coin purse for almost 6 years now which I use everyday since and it still looks very good. But I'm also liking the leather Burberry zip wallet. I'm a bit unconvinced about having a leather wallet in lv or other brands as it may wear out quicker than canvas. Do u have this type of experience?
  2. I have an older leather Gucci wallet and it's held up just as well as any of my LV canvas pieces so I find it hard to say if one brand is necessarily better than the other and instead say it's more of a personal preference/opinion...each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and history so it's a matter of finding what appeals to you, what meets the needs of your lifestyle, and what has the better value:Price ration in your opinion.
    Honestly, if I'm comparing wallets between brands and the leather one is offered at the same price as a canvas one, I loved both and was stuck on the fence, I would ultimately go for the leather since it generally wears like iron and not to mention the smell of good leather is divine.
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  3. I own several wallets from lv and from other brands.

    I think that the quality of lv is outstanding and such good value compared to the price(especially the canvas wallets)!!

    But I also love wallets from Mulberry and Chanel. My oldest wallet(12 years old!) is the long lock wallet in black congo leather from Mulberry. It is just such a classic,and shows hardly any signs of wear!
    And my most beautiful, is a small Chanel wallet. It is not caviar leather,so unfortunately it scratches quite easily.. But it is so,so beautiful!!

    I like the wallets to match my bags :smile:
  4. I have LV canvas wallet and LV leather wallet. Both are in good condition after many years.
    You may want to see in preloved market to see how it looks like after heavy usage. But again it is depend on the owner. I have seen same wallets on eBay and it looks pretty bad with peeling/cracking on the glazing.
    Buy what you love and enjoy it.
  5. I've owned 5 different LV wallets (still have 2) in canvas, vernis and Empreinte and found that they last and look great for years. Now I have a Mulberry long locked wallet in red as I loved the look and price and I think it's great. However, I've only had it for about 6 months now but so far so good, still looks brand new.
    I can recommend LV wallets but it seems quite a few people are having issues with their newer ones so I'm not sure if I'd buy another one myself for these prices.
  6. I hv wallets frm lv, ferragamo and latest is chanel. I wld say the lv and ferragamo wallets held up well. My lv zippy in vernis wl be 11 yrs old now. My ferragamo abt 9 yrs. Both still looks good especially the lv. The chanel is abt a yr old and i cant say much except that i dont like that it is difficult to slot in cards such that i literally had to 'peel' with my nails before my card can go in.
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  8. I totally agree....slots are way too stiff.
  9. LV canvas wallets can be warped a little weirdly over time and the slots can stretch out over time.

    It's pretty meh.

    This is a review of the multiple men's wallet.
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  10. If your looking to branch out, I would look into Mulberry. I love the look of Mulberry French wallet design.
  11. Thank you for the replies Appreciate all feedbacks and comments.
  12. My LV, Burberry and even my Coach outlet wallets are doing just fine now. I'm on my 2nd Burberry piece (canvas w/black patent leather) and it looks good even after abt 4 yrs. My first one showed wear on the canvas, unlike any of my LV wallets and I bought the second one hoping it would last longer. None of my LVs are showing their age, Burberry looks good but my LVs just handle wear better.
  13. I have a Gucci French wallet that I love and it's my fav! I also have a mulberry wallet on chain and it's also pretty awesome for these warmer months for a quick trip with a smaller bag. Plus I love the postmans lock. Lol. The Gucci French wallet is my fav type of French wallet style. No zippers. The card slots go the way I like. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  14. I have used many Gucci wallets and specially with the fabric ones, the seams start to come off. Gucci to me, doesn't hold up too well. I also have a Gucci 6 key holder and used it for a year and started to crack and also seams coming apart.
  15. Gucci fabric wallets have those lil pills. but it is cheaper than lv. But tbh, i don't think it's worth the price.