Is LV on your Christmas wishlist ?

  1. and what ? from who ?
    I am getting a damier pap' but as my own present, and am thinking to ask something to the BF in the <200 euros price range : a vernis clés or mini pochette about you ?
  2. No, LV is not on my list. However, I did recently purchase a couple of items for myself.
  3. yes! I am thinking of buying myself either the bosphore pm or the damier speedy... then form my parents, i want a cles and a pochette..but i think im only gonna get the cles
  4. No....I bvought a couple bags at the beginning of this no more LV this year! Plus I'm going to be in Canada for Christmas in a city where there is no LV!
  5. yep sure is ... silver speedy and berry inclusion bracelet
  6. oh DEF...well, late Christmas presents...I'll be in Germany first 2 weeks of Jan, so I definitely want to get at least a bag, since it's cheaper over there...atm, I'm thinking of the popincourt haut - I've wanted one ever since I started liking LV at the beginning of the summer.
  7. Yep. The next bag on my list is the Custom Mini Pleaty and I hope to get it for Christmas.
  8. I have two bags on the way to me but I don't think they'll ever make it under the tree :nuts:
  9. No.
  10. won't be getting anything LV for x-mas but, would love a daimer piece, black MC mules the new ones coming out in Jan and a vernis handbag in the candy apple red coming out this Feb either the Houston or Brentwood...
  11. LV is always on my list LOL... I am asking for a Framboise Reade and bubble earrings, a pouchette toilette case and maybe a multicolor koala bracelet
  12. nope not for me
  13. LV is always on my wish list :smile:
  14. Top of the list: LV. Always!