Is LV jewelry worth the price?

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  1. For some reason... lately I have been craving jewelry! And I wanted to know if LV's stuff was worth the price...
  2. In my personal opinion i don't think that the LV jewellery is worth the price. It is beautiful and very well made i just feel that other jewellery is nicer and i can buy LV Bags with the money, which i would probably love more!
  3. I honestly dont think so unless your referring to the real expensive diamond jewelry or their watches. Some of the costume items aren't well thought out either. But it is nicer than alot of the gawdy Chanel stuff thats for sure LOL!
  4. I have the white gold charm bracelet with 3 charms...The snowman,globe and the cherries(never worn it) as 3 charms make it tooooo heavy...I it is so worth it ,I wear it most days or the past 3 yrs and it is perfect....:love:
  5. I rather have a bag. To me I think their jewelry I overpriced. But so are their bags but that does not stop me. If you like it and can afford it then you should buy it.
  6. I don't think their jewelry is worth the price. It is way too expensive. I would rather save up the money and get their bags instead.
  7. They do have some beautiful pieces but for the money I'd rather get a bag or top up to get something from a specialist jeweller.
  8. yes the lv jewelry is overpriced the only jewerly that should have a right to be over priced is gold or white gold or metals like that i would buy a bag with that money and if ur into logo's like me the bag would show more that its lv:graucho:
  9. hmm... instead I think I will get a Neverfull lol...
  10. Hmm if its costume jewelry like their pastel rings, i think those are worth it. Other than
  11. costume jewelry is the only thing that i could afford...and with THAT money, i'd buy real jewelry lol

  12. Oh....I so want this bag to carry everyday to work! My dh thinks that overpriced for a work tote! lol So, I will have to convince him.:graucho:

    I love my inclusion ring....over priced....but I still love it!
  13. i would not buy it at that price..tehre better brands and value for money:tup:
  14. I have the grelots charms (about 5 charms hanging on a circle,came with a blue leather cord). Thats the only piece of LV jewelry I have and I paid for part of it with mall gift cards. So, no I don't think its worth the price. Hundreds of dollars for brass jewelry? I don't think so. I let my dh buy my jewelry. Go for the Neverfull-so much more useful!!
  15. Well, I think it's worth it as long as you like it. I happen to love most LV jewelry and would not hesitate to buy if I have the funds. It's well made and most of it is pretty timeless. Again, it's all a matter of taste.