Is LV in Canada cheaper than in USA?

  1. Hi. Im going to Canada and I wanna know if the LV there is cheaper. I think the amount of sales tax here is ridiculous and if I can get it cheaper in Canada I will. :biggrin:
  2. if I'm not mistaken Canadian tax is like 15% isn't it?
  3. Yes.
  4. good old canadian tax......but only in B.C i believe is 14% alberta sask and manitoba is 7% I dont know bout the eastcoast but I am pretty sure its 7%
  5. Toronto is 15%!!
  6. the east coast is currently 15%
  7. Where are you going in Canada? It might be cheaper if you are coming to Alberta. Our sales tax is only 7% here. It will be dropping to 6% in July. Everywhere else is at least 14%.
  8. I am pretty sure you can get the taxes back when you are leaving the country.:idea:
  9. Manitoba is 14% total tax. BUT....if you're coming back into Canada you can get your 7% GST back.
  10. with the exchange rate (US - Canadian) being so low right now it's not worth it to buy it in Canada.
  11. i just came back from Vancouver. i was told about the tax refund. each receipt has to be at least $50. total refund submission needs to be at least $500 spending. i had paid some Canadian taxes, but i'm still not able to get any tax refund.
  12. alberta is 7%, but after June 1 it will be 6%! Go PM! hahaha

    as far as I know, alberta is the only province with no PST.
  13. wow
  14. Gotta love Canadian Taxes!!! :censor: :censor: :censor:
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