Is LV having new cartoon figures on the mono

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  1. Does anyone know whether LV is doing a LE cartoon figure on the mono just like the past seasons with the cherries, panda and groom?
  2. hmmm... no idea, but i hope so :p
    i love all the cartoon that murakami did.
    also fond of julie verhoeven art on the conte de fees collection!
  3. Not that I know of...Murakami's contract expired and unless they re-hire him in the future, there probably won't be anymore designs.
    There's a new one of the "bags and trunks" logo but it's more of a graphic than a cartoon of any kind. If you do a search on it, you'll find a couple of threads about that line.
  4. I hope so.
    I'm kinda thinking about hello kitty series on LV.
    (will it be weird? :shrugs:)
  5. ^^ hello kitty sounds nice. I really like the panda and the cherries. they were so cute.
  6. Skulls!!!
  7. Hearts! Or stars! That would be soooo cute!
  8. I hope so.. I am so in love with all of Murakami's design.
  9. Hello kittie would be awesome! I heard that Murakami was gonna do one more design and that was supposedly from Murakami himself in Tokyo, but LV would be the one holding the contract on that. So, could have just been wishful thinking on his part... wish they would....I'd
  10. I hope so1 I love the panda, the onionhead, and the ceries! they are all so cute!
  11. The Murakami designs were really out there and definitely cutesy. Love them!
  12. I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. hello kitty would be fun...but imagine the fee of copy right, and also who gets to release it, LV or Sanrio?? lol
  14. well, if Kimora can bling out Hello Kitty, i'm sure LV can give her some class.
  15. OMG hello kitty...:sick: