Is LV fire proof?

  1. My friend told me that LV bags are fire proof....does anyone know if it is true? Like the monogram and damier collection... I don't want to set my LV bags on fire to know if it is true. LOL
  2. hehehhe, that's an interesting question. I myself do not know if LV is fire proof. :P)
  3. put the lighter down.... and slowwwly step away from the speedy...

  4. I don't know...but I sure don't wanna test that out...
    although maybe it's not, it might be ressistant, like if it were next to a candle it wouldn't be set ablaze but I don't think it could survive a house fire,

    you know?
  5. Doubtful.. maybe like if it was a controlled chemical fire.. but some of those don't even burn paper. If a fire gets hot enough, it can burn anything !!
  6. :lol: what an interesting question... i dont think its fire proof - fire is fire... it basically can destroy anything! but it would be great if it was fire proof!
  7. I doubt it's fireproof. I am pretty sure fire would damage it just like any other bag.
  8. I don't think it's fireproof. Anyone want to test it out? :lol:
  9. Heheheh interesting but funny question.. when I saw the title I thought for sure you were going to give it a try!!
  10. :lol:

    Never even thought of this. Actually, don't want to think about it.
  11. :lol:
  12. Hold on... let me see...

    *whips out her jewel encrusted blow torch* :biggrin:
  13. Your friend is mistaken,there's no such thing as a fire-proof bag
    :lol: .
  14. Well, I just made a really nice bonfire in my backyard and tossed about 3 bags in there and they came out looking like crisp bacon. ;)

    No, LV is NOT would be neat if it was, but it isn't.

    Given all the continual price hikes, you'd think the bags would be fire-proof by now! :biggrin:
  15. I did it! They are fire proof! JK lol

    I heard somewhere though leather is fire proof. So, I'd guess you'd still have the leather parts. lol