Is LV different in China? Hubby will be there in Sept.

  1. I'm wondering if Louis Vuitton is different from country to country, continent to continent? My DH will be traveling on business to China for a week in September. Is there something special that I couldn't obtain from 1-866 or elux that I should ask him to bring back for me? And, how does the cost compare to me buying here? I live in New York state, but not near an LV store. Hubby will be in Shanghai and then Hong Kong, but will have to STEAL time away from work to do this, if he even could... or would... but I can't help but wonder!:graucho:
  2. Good Lord! lucky you are..... Get the Damier Sophie !!! only available in the pacific rim and Asia from what I understand....and the price is great !!!!!
  3. Don't know about the product but LV stores there are tax free :smile:
  4. ^^ Yeah, but isn't LV more expensive in China than in the states?
  5. It is about the same in all cities of China expect Hong Kong which is slightly cheaper..
  6. LV is more expensive in China than in US due to the luxury tax and the exchange rate. If your husband will be in HongKong, I would suggest getting it in HongKong which is about the same price as in US.