Is LV denim bag worth buying?

  1. Which one would you rather have: denim baggy PM or Neo speedy?
    The LV bags that I have so far are mono canvas, vernis, epi & mini mono. I'm not sure if the denim line is worth buying since you can only wear it casually.
    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. I have the blue baggy PM and I love it! When I carry it I get tons of complements as well.
  3. I think the denim line is so cute, but I haven't bought any yet. I think it's pricey for denim. But, the baggy pm is my favorite.
  4. i have the blue Neo-Speedy and it's a great bag. it's a new twist on the same old Speedy style, and i like that it has the pockets in front
  5. I personally prefer other LV lines to denim but if I have to choose from these two, I'll take the neo speedy. :P

    Well, I can see that the denim will definitely make your LV collection more well rounded since you already have bags from almost each LV line. :yes:

    Why can't you wear it casually? :shrugs: I thought denim is for casual most of the time?
  6. I am pretty sure she actually meant CAN and accidentally put can't!?! Well, at least that's what I was thinking!
  7. oops! correction: I mean the denim LV you can only wear casually, but not formally.
  8. Well, I guess that makes more sense. :yes: :shame: Yea, maybe she actually meant that denim's only meant for casual occasions only, so not sure if it's worth getting. :shrugs:
  9. Got it! :yes: Well, yea, denim IS for casual most of the time. But since you already have bags from other LV lines, you can use those for formal and denim for casual.
  10. i like the denim line... but with the recent price increase, it's just not worth it to me. it's even more overpriced now!

    i usually prefer shoulder bags, so i would get the denim baggy pm.
  11. Is it true that the green & fuschia denim colour are only produced certain numbers and when they are sold out, you can't get it anymore? I'm thinking to get green denim baggy PM or green neo speedy (or neither if I don't think they are worth buying).
  12. I saw the green at the local LV. And I saw a photo of some celebrity carrying the pink. Denim bags are not me.... :smile:
  13. Have to agree!!
    I love the fact that its floppy :smile:
    I have both the noe speedy and baggy.
  14. Well, being that my life is pretty casual, I love the denim line. I have a baggy PM, and totally love it! The neo speedy is nice too, I might get one someday, but I get more use out of it being a shoulder bag.
  15. Mine is currently packed away but this thread makes me want to bring it out again! :nuts: